Tool for Restoring External Hard Drive Partition

April 4, 2017 Off By Tom

External hard drive, as the name suggests used for storing and transferring data from one system to another.  This drive can be divided into various segments known as partitions. Partitioning the external hard drive helps in accessing data easily, managing memory space efficiently, supports different file systems etc. Apart from its benefits, even partition might go missing or deleted due to many unknown reasons.

Like you have 2 partitions on your external hard drive, you require one more. For which your external hard drive should be resized. You have make use of third party partitioning tool for resizing your external hard drive partition. After downloading free partitioning tool, you will connect your external hard drive for resizing it. The process goes smoothly; even you will choose the drive which has to be resized. After which you will realize that one of your partition was missing from the external hard drive.  Is it possible to get back that missing partition is your question?

Yes, you can easily get back lost or deleted partition from external hard drive with the help of Remo Hard Drive Recovery Software.

Reasons responsible for losing or deleting partitions from external hard drive:

  • While working on Disk management utility, you might unintentionally delete necessary segment. In other case, you might unknowingly perform clear disk on the drive comprising partitions instead of other drive which causes partition loss
  • When you are performing any read or write operation on the partition of external hard drive, if there occurs power surges or failures will cause corruption and leads to partition loss
  • Virus attack is another reason for losing partition from the external hard drive. These viruses can corrupt partition and make them inaccessible
  • Software/hardware clashes, up gradation, unreliable third party applications, incompatible partitioning tools etc. are other reasons which causes partition loss from your external hard drive

Likewise, you might come across various other scenarios for losing or deleting partitions from external hard drive. In such instances, done think can i restore partition from external hard drive or not. With Remo Hard Drive Recovery Software you can easily get them back.

Remo Hard Drive Recovery Software!!!!

  • Easily get back deleted or lost partitions from external hard drive
  • Recovers data from corrupted, inaccessible, damaged, infected external hard drive
  • Supports various file systems including FAT 16, FAT 32, HFS, NTFS….
  • Requires minimal amount of memory space for installation process
  • Compatible on all the latest versions of both Windows and Mac operating system
  • Free demo version of the software can be downloaded prior purchasing paid version

Valuable tips

  • Make a habit to maintain updated backup of important data in secured storage devices
  • Avoid connecting your external hard drive to multiple devices
  • Scan the external hard drive with advanced antivirus software
  • Make use of reliable partitioning tools