Tool for Restoring Deleted Images from External Hard Drive

February 17, 2017 Off By Tom

I use my external hard drive as my photo gallery by saving my entire photos in it and i have allotted this particular drive only for storing my photos. Yesterday I was transferring a few photos from my system to the external hard drive. A sudden power failure happened at the time of transferring and when I restarted my system, I found some of my photos were deleted from the external hard drive as well as in the system. Now, I’m really tensed, because all those are my brother’s marriage photos and I really want them back. Can anyone help me to recover my entire photos? Is it possible to recover deleted pictures from external hard drive?

Yes! Opt Remo Recover application that is specially designed with in-built recovery algorithm to recover photos effortlessly within a short span of time.

Common Scenarios for deleting photos from external hard drive:

  • Accidental deletion: You may accidentally delete your photoswhile viewing or performing some other operations on them. Certain times, you may permanently delete images considering it as a unwanted file but later you will come to know that, the deleted photos is required.
  • Unintentional Formatting: When you attempt to format the drive, it will erase all the data that are in the hard drive. Sometimes, you might unintentionally select the required drive and format it, so that all the significant photos you stored in the external hard drive can be erased. This occurrence will erase all the photos too.
  • Virus attack: Generally, external hard drives can be accessed only if they are connected to any system. When you connect the external drive to a virus infected system, then it might infect all the photos that are in your drive. Due to this, you will be asked to format the system and this action will lead to remove all the data that are in your drive including your photos.

These scenarios can be handled by Remo Photo Recovery software as discussed above. This photo recovery software can recover photos from external hard drive by only using a few easy steps.   

Excellent Features of Remo Photo Recovery:

  • Remo Photo Recovery has the capability to perform deleted photo recovery from external hdd using its advanced inbuilt algorithm in less span of time
  • This tool can scan and recover almost 50 file formats such as video photos, audio photos and RAW photos etc.
  • Using this photo recovery software, you can add or create signature for the photos.
  • A very simple user friendly GUI provides a interface in which both technical and non-technical users can recover erased photos from external hard drive from Windows platform
  • File system such as NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 are also compatible with this software for photo recovery from external hard drive.
  • With the help of the Disk Image option, it can bypass bad sectors on hard drives by creating the disk image from which we can rescue deleted photos from external hard drive
  • It also facilitates you to view the recovered data using the “Preview” option in the software before restoring the photos on the external hard drive
  • Apart from this, you can avail the Demo Version of the software before purchasing it in order to analyze the efficiency