Tool for Restoring Deleted Files

December 16, 2016 Off By Tom

Have you ever encounter the problem like, while deleting some unwanted data from system you might accidently delete some valuable data too. After realizing you searched it in the Recycle Bin, but unable to find any data, while deleting files if you have used Shift + delete key combination then it will leads to permanent deletion of data. If so, don’t get Panic!!

Here is the solution to your problem make use of recovery software called Remo Recover for the retrieval of deleted files from your computer.

Some of the common scenarios responsible for the deletion of your files from desktop

  • Accidental Deletion– you might accidently deletes the important files instead of unwanted data from desktop when you are trying to free up the disk space.
  • Emptying the Recycle Bin-The data you have deleted from your desktop which bypasses from the Recycle Bin if it is larger in size and makes it difficult for the user to restore deleted files from desktop
  • Untrusted Antivirus Software – To remove infected and unwanted files from our system we use anti-virus software. It also causes the deletion of necessary DLL files from desktop without user conformation and makes it difficult to recover deleted files from desktop
  • Shift + delete Command – When you delete a file, Using Shift + delete key combination then that file bypasses from Recycle Bin.

To overcome this sort of problems as discussed above make use of recovery software called Remo Recover. This is a best tool which can recover deleted files even after it is emptied from the Recycle Bin. It will retrieve deleted files from desktop which was deleted using Command prompt or shift delete combinational keys.

Remo File Recovery Features-

Remo file recovery software is one of the best recovery tools which is having separate read-only algorithms to undelete files and folders. It recovers various file types like documents, excel spreadsheets, compressed archive files etc. It is compatible to all the versions of the Windows operating system. Antivirus tool may sometimes remove certain necessary files along with infected files can be recovered easily through Remo Recover. By erasing files from Command Prompt can also be recovered. These are the above features available in demo version. Some of the advanced features are files which are larger in size gets deleted can be recovered easily. Retrieve deleted files from desktop which are corrupted during Partition. These advanced features will be available only in Full Version. Technical team will be available round the clock for resolving any kind of interruptions which occurs during installation or recovery process. After downloading demo version to check the efficiency of software before purchasing paid version.

Safety Measures-

  • Avoid deleting the files using Command prompt
  • Avoid shortcuts(Shift + delete) while deleting the files and folders
  • Check the files before deleting the recycle bin.
  • Maintain backup of important files in any secured storage device
  • Install reliable antivirus software