Restore Microsoft Outlook Calendar

March 18, 2015 Off By Tom

Microsoft Outlook is one of the widely used email application in many business organizations, IT sectors, educational institutes etc. Apart from sending and receiving mails, it also supports other attributes like calendar, contacts, appointments, notes and so on. Among them, calendar feature of Outlook is utilized by most of them for maintaining important events, work related tasks or to keep remainders. This attribute plays important role in business organizations, IT sectors for managing meetings, appointments and other schedules easily.

The entire information regarding emails and other features in Microsoft Outlook is saved in single folder known as PST. Personal Storage Table is like database of Outlook which comprises entire details in one folder. At times, users of Outlook will find difficulties while accessing calendar including other data due to PST file corruption. So, it is advised to have backup of Outlook calendar in any other external storage device to be in safer side. If you don’t have backup and have lost Outlook calendar also, no need to panic. Here is one such tool called Remo Repair Outlook (PST) for performing Microsoft Outlook calendar recovery in few simple steps.

Here is one example to know how Outlook calendar might go missing. Since, entire data of Outlook including calendar will be stored in a folder called Personal Storage Table (PST). Generally, every version of Microsoft Outlook has some PST file size limit after which it gets corrupted. That is when PST file reaches its maximum level, you will be unable to access it and as a result calendar items present in it will also become inaccessible.

In such situations, most of them assume that lost Outlook calendar cannot be recovered back which is not true. It is possible until the space occupied by that particular file is overwritten by new data. As said above, with the help reliable tool like Remo Repair Outlook (PST) you can easily restore Outlook calendar.

Why Remo Repair Outlook (PST)?

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is one of the reliable repairing tool which is capable of recovering deleted or lost calendar items from various versions of Outlook like 4, 5, 5.5…It is read only tool that will not modify original file during scanning process instead uses separate file for storing extracted data. Recovers calendar items from corrupted, oversized, inaccessible PST file easily. This software provides two types of scanning options like Normal Scan for less corrupted PST file and Smart Scan for highly corrupted PST file. It is compatible on various versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista….

Other reasons responsible for deletion or loss of calendar from Microsoft Outlook

  • Unintentional Deletion – It has turned out to be one of the common reasons behind deletion of calendar items from Outlook. When you are deleting unwanted files from Outlook, you might accidentally select calendar items along with them
  • PST File Corruption – Since, PST file comprises entire information of Outlook including calendar items, if it gets corrupted due to unknown reasons makes calendar file also inaccessible
  • Malware Infections – Microsoft Outlook might get infected from harmful viruses via internet, unsecured files, infected devices used for data transfer process etc. These viruses have the ability to multiply themselves and sometimes delete data like calendar items from Outlook
  • Sudden Termination of System – While accessing Outlook or if you terminate system without closing it appropriately will corrupt PST file that in turn makes calendar items inaccessible
  • Unreliable Antivirus Software – As the name indicates, antivirus software is used to avoid harmful viruses getting transferred to system. Sometimes, during scanning process this software might delete infected files including calendar without user conformation

Likewise, we come across plenty other reasons like power failure, PST header corruption, file system corruption, application malfunctioning, operating system corruption etc. Whatever be the reasons for losing calendar items from Outlook, Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is best method for recovering it.

Safety Measures

  • Maintain backup of calendar items in any other external storage device or drive
  • Microsoft Outlook should be terminated appropriately after using it
  • Regularly Scan Outlook using authorized antivirus software
  • Delete unwanted data from Outlook to reduce size of PST file
  • Do not interrupt the process of sending or receiving emails