Restore Files from Time Capsule Hard Drive

May 4, 2017 Off By Tom

Time Machine Backup is the Mac in-built backup software. Generally it helps you out in case of data loss emergencies. In order to take benefit of Time Machine on your Mac, you have to do the following:

Step 1: Just go to System Preferences from the Apple Menu

Step 2: Select the Time Machine icon

Step 3: Click Select Backup Disk

Step 4: Select the disk you need to take Time Machine backup

Step 5: You will get backup automatically in order to automatically back up your Mac to your selected disks.

Since you have done all these settings, you are relaxed about your Mac data and ready to face data loss situations. But what if you have accidentally deleted Time Machine backup which was the only backup of your valuable files?

Relax!! You can still recover deleted Time Machine back up with Remo Recover Mac

With the assistance of Remo Data recovery software for Mac, you can recover deleted Time Machine backup files. Irrespective of the reason for backup getting deleted, the tool helps you to efficiently retrieve data in matter of clicks. It is compatible with almost all the Mac OS versions including EI Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks and other popular versions.

Minimum Disk Utilization: It has easy method for undeleting Mac files that has minimum requirement of 50 MB of free space

Save Recovery Session: The Save Recovery Session helps you to save the re-scanning time of your entire drive after purchasing of the software

Interactive interface: It facilitates simple interface along with step by step guidance for installation as well as utilization of the software

Technical Support: If customers are having queries related to software and its usage then don’t panic as the tool answers every question and performs restoring deleted Time Machine backups easily

What other scenarios Remo Recover supports?

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes, it may happen that you have deleted your files thinking that they are no longer required and further you even empty Trash folder. Thus, resulting in the deletion of your important files along with the unwanted files

Deletion from Terminal: If you delete your files from Mac terminal then, it causes complete deletion of files

Command Delete Option: While you delete unwanted files using Command Delete keys you might accidentally delete few important files too. This, at times may cause loss of vital files

Here are the reasons for Time Machine Backup getting deleted:

  • Sometimes, you might perform accidental deletion from Time Machine backup
  • If you have formatted Time Machine hard drive by mistake
  • If your file system gets damaged
  • Files deleted from backup when it is full