Recover purchased iTunes songs

November 23, 2016 Off By Tom

“I have a great collection of melody songs, but accidentally I pressed Restore Factory Settings and the whole file was deleted from my device. I have downloaded the whole songs by paying from iTunes”.

Are you facing the same issue…?

You are not ready to spend time and data for re-downloading it, then how to recover purchased itunes songs…?

Alright, you can recover your favorite melody songs by using a recovery software. iTunes is an application that manages files like video, music that are stored on mac systems. Using iTunes, you can purchase songs from online. Mac users save their video and music files on iTunes directory and if you delete any file from iTunes, it will be removed from device but you can use the help of high relevant recovery tool named “Remo Recover”. It’s a highly reliable tool that can recover your files by following few steps.

What are the features of Remo Recover Tool?

  • Quick recovery of files
  • It can recover files from inaccessible or damaged drives.
  • It can recover your files if your iTunes folder becomes corrupted.
  • Remo Recover tool have strong algorithm to scan deeply.
  • The user can use this software not only for recovering the purchased songs of iTunes, it can recover the whole lost files which is in different formats like mp3, mp4, 3gp, avi, mov, jpeg, etc.
  • It can sort the files based on file name, date, file type, size, etc.
  • You will get a preview feature before restoring the files.
  • It has a feature to save recovery session, it will help you to halt and resume the recovery processes.
  • You can select the restore location with the help of this tool, hence it will help you store the restored files on a specific location.
  • Remo recover tool has an option to compress recovered files to a ZIP achieve, it helps you to save the disk space.
  • It’s user friendly GUI helps everyone to perform recovery task without any complication. One need not be a tech savvy to use this application.
  • It has good technical support of 24*7.
  • You can use free demo version before purchasing it.
  • It requires only minimal space for process.


What are the other situations Remo Recover Tool can help you?

  • Synchronization Error – The iTunes library will synchronize and if there is any kind of interruptions during synchronization process, it will lead to data loss.
  • File System Corruption – If your file system gets corrupted, you will not be able to access the data.
  • Deleted by in-secure Application – A few in-secure applications may delete some files from your computer, so you can use Remo recover tool to restore the files.
  • Operating System – When your operating system gets corrupted or crashes it will lead to removal of your files.
  • Inaccessible Drive Recovery – Sometimes you are not able to access your drive or device. In these situations, Remo Recover Tool will help you recover file from that devices or drives.
  • Improper up-gradation of IOS – If any interruption occurs while upgrading your IOS device, it will lead to data loss.
  • Interruption – If any interruption occurs when you are transferring files or working on your iTunes, it may wipe your files.
  • Deleted by mistake – If you delete the necessary files by mistake instead of deleting unwanted files, Remo Recover tool will help you to retrieve your files.


Tips to avoid file loss

  • Backup – Create backup of every important files that will help you overcome data loss situations.
  • Careful on Deleting Files – You should be careful while deleting files and verify it before deleting.
  • Anti-Virus – Use good quality antivirus to keep your computer and files safe from virus attacks.
  • Unknown devices – Avoid connecting with unknown devices, it may create trouble to your system.


Now you know how to recover deleted files. Since its very difficult if we lose our important files, it is necessary that we be careful enough to avoid these situations as mentioned above.