Recover Deleted MS Word Document

May 25, 2016 Off By Tom

There are some unfortunate situations that results in deletion of Word documents. Let us say, while deleting some unwanted document files, you may unfortunately delete important ones. Yet, it is still possible to restore them as the deleted Word Documents move to Recycle Bin. But, the most common mistake many of us do is emptying Recycle Bin immediately.

Not just this; sometimes, you might make use of Shift+ delete key combination to delete unwanted Word files. While doing so, if you mistakenly delete some important word files then it leads to data loss. In this scenario, you cannot restore files from Recycle Bin as the Word files bypass the Recycle Bin.

So, how to undelete document files?

Actually when files are deleted from any drive, they are not completely erased.  Just they are in a hidden state as their address link is removed from the file system. So, OS shows that place as empty and make free space for storing new data. Since, the data remain there till you save new data; it is possible to get back deleted Word files. Yes! If you are worried about how to recover deleted MS Word document then make use of File Recovery tool by Remo which is designed to restore deleted Word files and even other file formats in matter of minutes.

Undelete Word Files using Remo File Recovery tool

File Recovery tool by Remo comes with user friendly interface which helps even novice users to undelete Word documents in simple steps. The advanced scanning algorithm of the tool deeply scans the entire drive then locates and retrieves deleted documents. Not just deleted, this application can even restore lost Word files with ease. Besides, it is possible to restore Word files from various storage devices like hard drives, flash memory cards, thumb drives, iPods, and so on.

Since the tool works on read only mode, all the original files are kept intact even after recovery. Also, lets you to restore files that bypass Windows Recycle Bin when they exceed in size compared to the Recycle Bin. There is Preview option to view the recovered data prior to restoring it.  With Save Recovery Session, you can pause and resume recovery session at any instant of time.

Why Remo File Recovery tool?

  • Supported File types: Apart from document recovery, tool helps to retrieve various types of files which include audio, video, PDF, spreadsheet, ZIP archive etc. with the help of unique signature.
  • Free trial Version:This helps to check the efficiency of the tool, so if it meets your requirements, you can purchase the license version of this software. Once after obtaining the license key, you can now save the recovered files on any desired location.
  • Find: With this option, you can easily locate particular file from the recovered list of files
  • Compatible OS: Application supports DOCX file recovery from various versions of Windows operating system like Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista etc.

Moreover, the tool assists in arranging the recovering files on the basis of file name, type, size and data of modification. Even the recovered data can be saved to any accessible storage device such as hard drives, CD/ DVD, flash memory cards, etc. To save disk space, the recovered files / folders can be compressed in a ZIP archive. Further, 24*7 technical support is provided by well trained support team to clear your queries related to products.

Other scenarios where Remo File Recovery tool comes handy:

Interruptions: While transferring files from storage media to system or vice versa, if any interruption occurs like sudden removal of storage device, etc., then it might result in data loss

Formatting: There are many reasons for formatting your storage drive. The most important one is accidental formatting. In other case, you may format your drive in order to get rid of some format errors like “Disk drive is not formatted, Do you want to format it now?” In such situation, you need to format the drive in order to access data stored on it.

Other Reasons: Using third party applications to recover files may result in loss or deletion of files, deletion of files using shift + delete keys combination and also removing files using command prompt, errors that occur during file system conversion leading to data loss, resizing or re-partitioning the existing partition using third party utility may lead to data loss

How prevent data loss in future?

  • Maintain backup of important files so that you can restore it during unpredicted data loss instances
  • Cross check files before emptying Recycle Bin folder
  • Do not use Shift Delete combination keys to delete files as it will bypass Recycle Bin
  • Avoid interruptions while moving files from one storage drive to other