Recover Data from Memory Stick PRO Duo

December 9, 2015 Off By Tom

Memory Stick PRO Duo is a removable flash memory card that is used in various devices like smart phones, digital cameras, camcorders, and so on to store different file types like images, video, documents, audio files, etc. However, like any other device, data loss is common problem with Memory Stick PRO Duo. There are numerous situations which may result in loss of your vital files.

Let us consider an instance, you want to transfer files saved on Memory Stick PRO Duo to your system. Hence, you will connect Memory Stick PRO Duo to your system for transferring data to it. But, in the middle of the transfer process, you have abruptly removed your Memory Stick PRO Duo. Later, you checked Memory Stick in order to retransfer all those files. But, now the files are missing from your Memory Stick PRO Duo. In such situations, you will come to a conclusion that data stored in Memory Stick PRO Duo is lost forever and cannot be recovered. But, in reality data is still present on the Memory Stick.

How to recover data from Memory Stick PRO Duo?

  • First of all stop using the device which contains Memory Stick PRO Duo to store data. For example: In case, if you are using a camcorder, do not take photos or record any videos. Because, adding further data overwrites the original lost data and reduces recovery chances
  • Then it’s advised to make use of reliable Memory Stick recovery tool like Remo Recover Software to recover the files securely

Remo Recover Software to retrieve data from Memory Stick PRO Duo

Remo Recover Software is designed with innovative features which assist in recovering data from Memory Stick PRO Duo with ease. The tool enables to restore various file types like ZIP files, spreadsheets, documents, photos, music, etc. from Memory Stick PRO Duo easily. Since, the tool is non –destructive, the contents of Memory Stick PRO Duo is not modified during the recovery process. Furthermore, the tool supports data restoration from hard drives, pen drives, iPod’s, FireWire drives and from other storage devices.

The software comes with simple user friendly interface, which provides step by step instructions to perform recovery process. Hence, even novice user can perform recovery process without any difficulty. And the retrieved data can be compressed in ZIP archive so that you can save disk space. The application supports various brands of Memory Stick PRO Duo like SanDisk, Kingston, Transcend, Sony, Lexar, Samsung, Panasonic, and many more.

Reasons for data loss from Memory Stick PRO Duo

Unintentional deletion: While removing some unwanted files from Memory Stick PRO Duo, you may select the Delete All option instead of selecting Delete button and this leads to loss all the files stored on it.

Formatting: You may accidentally format your Memory Stick PRO Duo and wiped all data from it instead of formatting some other drive on your system. In other case, due to format error message, you may format your Memory Stick  PRO Duo, in order to access it. Thus, results in loss of entire data saved on it.

Interruption during Transfer: While transferring files from Memory Stick PRO Duo, if any interruptions occur like abrupt removal of Memory Stick, sudden system shut down, etc. then there are chances of data loss from Memory Stick

Other Reasons: Using same Memory Stick PRO Duo in different devices, corruption of Memory Stick PRO Duo file system, etc.

Apart from these, still there are lots of reasons for data loss from Memory Stick PRO Duo. Regardless of any reason, Remo Recover Software comes handy to restore files from Memory Stick PRO Duo within short span of time.

Other features of Remo Recover Software

  • File Systems Supported: The application supports various file systems on both Windows and Mac systems. Such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, HFS+, HFSX
  • Supported Memory Card Types: Supports data restoration from different types of flash memory cards like SD cards, CF cards, XD cards, MicroSD cards, MMC cards, and so on
  • Find Option: This option helps you to locate specific files from the list of recovered files
  • Save Recovery Session: Using this feature, you can resume the recovery process by saving the scanned information. Thus avoids re-scanning of the entire storage media
  • View Recovered Files: Enables you to view the recovered file before saving them to any desired destination

Tips to prevent further loss of data from Memory Stick PRO Duo

  • It is recommended to take frequent backup of data from Memory Stick PRO Duo to prevent data loss
  • While unplugging Memory Stick PRO Duo from the system, make use of “Safely Remove Device” option
  • Check twice, while performing any operation like formatting, deleting files on Memory Sticks to avoid data loss issues