Lost Calendar Items Recovery

March 2, 2015 Off By Tom

Are you worried about your lost calendar items from Microsoft Outlook? Does it contain vital information, want to recover them back? If yes and finding the best solution for your problem, then just go through this page which gives simple procedure for recovering missing calendar items within few clicks……

Microsoft Outlook is one of the major email application that is being used in most of the business organizations, IT sectors, institutions and so on. It is been choosed by most of the users across the world due to its simple to understand features and operations. Apart from sending and receiving emails, it supports some of the attributes like calendar, contacts, journals, notes and many more.

Among many, Calendar is one of the major features of Microsoft Outlook. It is been widely utilized by users to keep important remainders, appointments, creating events, organizing meetings etc. However, in some cases calendar items might go missing from Outlook due to many unknown reasons which is troublesome to its users. If at all that is your case, don’t worry!!! Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is one of the reliable tool to restore Microsoft Outlook Calendar in few simple steps.

Here is one simple example to know how calendars items go missing from Outlook. While working on Outlook, we notice many spam mails, old/unwanted tasks etc. where we suddenly delete them without giving second taught. Some of them have a habit of emptying deleted folders as soon as deleting data from Outlook. After which they will realize, that some of the important calendar items are also deleted along with undesired ones that leads to data loss. As discussed above, Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is ideal for performing recovery of lost calendar items from Outlook.

Let us discuss some of the other reasons responsible for losing calendar items from Outlook

  • Oversized PST File – When PST file reaches its maximum level as per the version of Microsoft Outlook, it will become inaccessible. That is it will not respond to any read or write operation as a result calendar items available in it cannot be accessed
  • Inappropriate Termination of Outlook – If Microsoft Outlook is not terminated appropriately after working will corrupt the PST file. Hence, calendar items will also become inaccessible
  • PST File Corruption – There are various reasons for PST file corruption like malware infections, improper termination of Microsoft Outlook etc. due to which calendar items might not be accessed
  • Outlook Up gradation – During the up gradation of Outlook, if system terminates abruptly due to sudden power loss will corrupt the PST file. Once PST file gets corrupted, then the entire data including calendar items from Outlook will go missing

Likewise, we come across plenty such scenarios like application malfunctioning, utilizing unreliable third party utilities, software conflicts, unintentional deletion and many more. So, it is best to preserve good copy of backup or use recovery tool like Remo Repair Outlook (PST) for recovering lost calendar items.

Essential Tips to Remember

  • Maintain updated copy of vital files in any backup devices
  • Microsoft Outlook should be terminated appropriately
  • Recheck Deleted Items folder before emptying it to avoid permanent deletion
  • Install advanced antivirus software to keep harmful viruses away from your system
  • Unwanted files should be deleted regularly to prevent oversized PST file

Why Remo Repair PST?

Remo Repair PST is one of the professional recovery tool designed with powerful scanning algorithms for restoring lost calendar items in few simple clicks. This software is non destructive read only tool, which will not alter original information during scanning process as it utilizes separate file for saving extracted data . It has simple to understand GUI interface that gives brief explanation about each steps to help all kinds of users for easy installation process. Apart from calendar items, it can recover other features like contacts, appointments, notes etc. from Outlook. The recovered data can be previewed in advance before storing them on particular location on your system. This tool is compatible on all the latest versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2008, Windows 2003…..