How to recover data from iMac?

November 16, 2016 Off By Tom

“I purchased a new mac book. So I hand over my old iMac to my brother, before copying files from iMac he formatted the volumes. I forgot to save its backup in external device… What will I do now…? “

Hey, let’s cheer up…. You can recover your deleted file within few steps…. sometimes you come across this data crisis. Let’s discuss some common scenario.

  • Virus Attack – Don’t think that your mac OS is safe from virus attacks, actually it’s a Unix based operating system, if any malware reaches inside your mac system, it can’t spread to the heart of your iMac. But don’t believe mac is not hackable.
  • Human Errors – You may lose data by deleting mistakenly or formatting drive accidently etc.
  • Power Surges – Power Surges may lead to formatting of your files.
  • Corruption of iMac Volumes – If your iMac volume gets corrupted, you will not be able to access files from the volume
  • Deletion of the file by anti-virus – Sometimes your file will be removed after performing a virus scan by your anti-virus.

How to Recover files from iMac?

Your files are important for you, most of the mac users believe that if once they deleted or formatted any data, it’s not possible to recover it back. Actually, the fact is if you are deleting a file from the iMac, the file name will be removed from the index and the actual file will be in the same location. So the mac operating system will make the memory free to accept new data. Now there is no need to get tensed about how to recover imac data. There are several recovery tools available in the market for recovering data from Mac system. You need to take some precautions before recovering data.

  • Further usage of iMac should be avoided
  • Reinstalling operating system
  • Re-formatting drive should be stopped
  • Stop running antivirus scans
  • Do not install recovery software on affected iMac.

If you do opposite to this instruction, your data may be overwritten by other files. If it is overwritten, your recovery tools will be helpless.

Which recovery tool will be better and why?

I strongly recommend you to use Remo Recovery Tool for recovering data from your iMac, because it has a powerful algorithm to deeply scan files from your Mac, it has the ability to identify the file type and unique signatures. So it’s easy for you to find your important files and the tool will sort the files based on time, date, type, size etc. More than that it’s interface is user-friendly, so you will not feel any difficulties to recover files. It’s a universal binary application, so it supports both PowerPC Mac and Intel platforms.

Is it applicable only for this scenario?

No, it’s a powerful recovery tool, you can use this tool to recover data from formatted memory card, external hard drive, etc. It will be helpful to recover data when the data was deleted by some other scenarios like malware attack, accidental deletion, etc. It can recover files from hidden, deleted, inaccessible volumes. Before using this tool for recovery you must ensure that it’s not a hardware fault, if it’s a hardware error this tool will not help you, so you need to take professional support. In some scenario, you may delete it from your drive and after understanding the file’s importance you will visit trash but it may be emptied. In this situation also you can use the recovery tool to get it back.


Suggestions to avoid data loss

  • Cross check everything before deleting or formatting drive
  • Backup Files, your mac have a good backup tool “Time Machine”, use it for regular backup
  • Don’t download unwanted applications