How to clean Install Windows 10

If you are a Windows 10/8.x/7 user looking for clean installation of Windows 10 operating system, then here is a guide for you.

A post note: It is very essential to backup all your data and programs before going to install the Windows operation system. A clean OS installation will completely wipe out all the data and files residing on your computer other words your system is reset to a new operating system.

Do a clean installation on a Windows 10 PC

If you are already a Windows 10 user, you may want go to for a clean OS installation because of various reasons. The clean installation procedure is briefed below here-

  1. Click on Start and navigate to Settings
  2. Press on the button labeled as Update and Security
  3. On Update and Security window choose Recovery option
  4. Click on Get Started option under Reset this PC option
  5. Select Remove everything option (you have alternate options to retain personal files on you system)
  6. Next you are prompted to choose between Just remove my filesor to Remove files and clean the drive, make appropriate choice
  7. Press on Reset button

Clean installation on Window 8 and Windows 7 systems

Instead of updating your Windows 8/7 PC to Windows 10 via installation disc, you can choose USB drive. You need an USB storage with space about 3GB. The steps are detailed here-

  1. Open the Microsoft’s Windows 10 download page
  2. Choose Download tool now
  3. Run the tool
  4. Choose Create installation media for another PC
  5. Press on Next
  6. Choose Language, Edition and Architecture
  7. Mark on USB flash drive option
  8. Insert your USB drive and click on Next
  9. After finishing of the download procedure, connect the USB drive to your computer thats runs Windows 8or 7
  10. Click on the setup file
  11. Agree to the terms and conditions
  12. Window displays Ready to install
  13. Select the option- Change what to keep
  14. Pick an option to and choose which files you want to system to retain
  15. Press on Next

With these steps, now you have successfully installed Windows 10 on your PCs. Be careful while doing these steps, else you may land up in errors. any issues while doing this will cause SMART errors or your Windows becomes unbootable. Hence, you need to be more careful while performing these steps.