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Repair Outlook PST files on Windows 7

There are times when your Outlook PST files on Windows 7 Operating System might get corrupt due to human errors, hardware issues or other logical problems. When this happens, all your crucial Outlook attributes such as emails, contacts, appointments, tasks, RSS feeds, etc, becomes inaccessible. What do you do under such circumstances? Read on to know how to fix the corrupt PST files.

PST (Personal Storage Table) file is a personal folder file in Microsoft Outlook. Outlook stores emails, messages, calendar events, tasks, blogs, drafts, notes, appointments, meeting schedules, journals, contacts and other attributes in a PST folder with the extension .pst, which resides on the computer’s hard drive.

Although Outlook is quite reliable, it is not free from glitches. The PST files are fragile and can break down or get corrupted for various reasons known or unknown. Of course, you do have the Outlook Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst) to repair the corrupt PST files for simple errors. But, for more serious problems, you turn to PST repair software tools. One such software is the Remo Repair Outlook PST software that is used for Windows 7 PST repair to fix corrupt Outlook Mailboxes (PST files) in a safe and efficient manner.

Reasons for PST File corruption:

  • Oversized PST files: The PST file size has a limit. If the file reaches or exceeds this limit, there are chances of the file getting corrupted or becoming unreadable.
  • Terminating Outlook abruptly: If you shut down your computer abruptly while Outlook is still running in the background, the process is forcefully terminated. This leads to PST files getting corrupt.
  • Bad sectors on hard drive: Presence of bad sectors on the hard drive where the PST files are stored results in some or all contents of the PST files to become inaccessible or corrupt
  • Virus attack: If the system is infected by virus or other malicious software, it gets corrupted leading to loss or corruption of PST files

Why Remo Repair Outlook PST software?

This utility uses a planned approach to fix all your corrupt PST files and is used for Windows 7 PST repair. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, including the latest Windows 8 version. It is capable of fixing all PST files created using Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. This software efficiently fixes PST files that are severely corrupted and refuses to open. It has a technical support team which is ready to assist you 24 / 7 in case you have any problems in utilizing the software. This tool is also free from virus and occupies less amount of space for installation on your system.

Salient features of Remo Repair Outlook PST:

  • Easily repairs PST files irrespective of the level of damage and also supports OST files
  • Oversized Outlook PST files that gets corrupted when it reaches or exceeds the maximum file size can be repaired
  • It can fix PST files that cannot be repaired using Inbox Repair Tool provided by Outlook
  • Recovers email messages deleted from Outlook folders or accidentally emptied from Deleted Items folder
  • It repairs PST files that are password protected
  • High encrypted PST files can also be repaired
  • Keeps your original PST files intact during the repair process
  • Before carrying out recovery, the software displays real time preview of all scanned items
  • Recovers deleted email messages, tasks, contacts, calendar entries, journals, appointments, drafts along with other attributes of the PST file
  • Recovered files are stored in a new PST file to ensure that the original PST file is not damaged further

Few precautions:

  • Keep an eye on the size of the PST files because if they exceed the file size limit, the files are bound to get corrupted
  • Install a good antivirus software on your system to elude harmful viruses from corrupting your PST files
  • Cultivate a habit to keep a back up of your important emails, messages, among other things to help you during unfortunate incidents