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Software to Repair Oversized .dbx File from Outlook Express

Ever used Microsoft Outlook Express? If yes, then you will come to know how Microsoft Outlook Express is advanced to Outlook.  The files in Outlook Express are stored in DBX format, which are different from .PST file that are used in older versions of Outlook. Just like Outlook, Outlook Express (OE) also has features like maintaining email, contact, notes etc in DBX format. Since managing these files is the business of OE, but it is not capable of repairing any damaged file due to over sizing issue. Suppose, DBX file contains important email contacts or documents and it becomes over burdened and thus crosses the file limit. In such a situation, user may experience damage of files from the OE and should opt for a repair software.

Remo Recover Outlook Express (DBX), which is in news recently for its efficient repairing of corrupted DBX files due to over sizing. This software is capable enough to repair over sized DBX files within few minutes of time. It is highly recommended by professional OE users. Now it’s time to understand scenarios due to which corruption of such files can happen.

File synchronization: One of the most outstanding features of the repair software is that synchronization of the old data can be performed with ease. This allows the user to transfer files from one version to another. But, if this synchronization takes place for large sized DBX file, then in such a situation the DBX file gets corrupted

File oversize: Sometimes data may be in the form of large data sheets of database as utilizes in companies. It can possibly happen that the size of such a DBX file is greater than 1GB. In actual the permissible limit of Outlook Express is 2 GB. So if the user extends this limit due to one of the reasons as discussed above, then file may get corrupt.

Incomplete download: Downloading a file is sometimes the basis for the use of OE and it allows the user to get files even from remote location on earth. Some times while downloading a large sized DBX file, the data pack may get over. This unfortunate act can corrupt the downloaded file and the file will not be visible to the user. Due to such an adversity DBX files may get corrupted.

If any of the above-mentioned scenarios with respect to DBX file oversize happens to the user then stop getting annoyed and go for repair software.

Remo Recover Outlook Express (DBX) is amazing in terms of its repair ability of the corrupted DBX file due to oversize and does it for a single or many files in the same Outlook Express. While compression of large sized .DBX file if corruption occurs, then using this software user can get back corrected file. As the file limit is 2 GB for OE, this software can do the repair of such files with ease. This software is very much user friendly in terms of its graphical user interface, it allows the user to repair damaged files with ease without following too many procedures. It supports all the versions of OE 4, 5, 5.5,6.

Since the complicity of file oversize in DBX file make it highly vulnerable to corruption. To avoid this corruption taking some precautionary steps would be really helpful. Use compression process to solve the problem of oversize, but do take much care not to make any interruption like power loss during compressing of the file. Always apply warning settings in your system regarding the data usage and check the amount of data available for downloading because if the user is going to download over sized file. Then, keeping updated with available data will be very much helpful in avoiding corruption of DBX file.