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Repair Corrupt PST File

Many users are depending on Microsoft Outlook application to manage emails, contacts, calendars and many more.  Thus Microsoft application is widely used all across the globe. All emails and other Outlook items are saved in a folder called PST (Personal Storage Table). PST file can stored upto 2GB files in it and thus user can access data stored in it any time. Unluckily, PST file is having some disadvantages related to PST file.

PST file can be corrupted or damaged due to many common reasons. User may not be able to access Outlook account if any sort of damage is caused to PST file. This may cause user with huge loss of emails and other important Outlook items. Lets us see some scenarios that causes PST file corruption:

Outlook Upgradation: To take benefits of higher Microsoft Outlook version, user may upgrade Microsoft Outlook versions due to which there are possibilities that PST file may get corrupted. Thus users are unable to access data stored in PST file.

External Threat: Due to external threats, PST file may get corrupted or damaged. It is quite possible that external threat like virus may damage header file of PST which is necessary for opening PST file. Thus PST file get corrupted and becomes inaccessible to the user.

Improper termination of Outlook: If user abruptly terminates Microsoft Outlook then it can lead to corruption situation. Other instant which leads to PST file corruption due to improper termination of Outlook is that while working on Outlook if there is sudden power failure then PST file may get corrupted.

Size Limit: PST size limit is 2 GB and if this size limit exceeds then it may lead to PST file corruption. In some cases, some emails stored in PST file may get deleted without user notification which can also lead to data loss situation.

Hence forth, whenever user comes across such above mentioned scenarios, they first prefer Inbox Repair Tool inbuilt in Microsoft Outlook. This repairing inbuilt tool is scanpst.exe which fixes minor PST file corruption, but if the PST corruption severity is very high then this tool fails to repair. At certain times, you need not worry as it can be repaired using some good PST file repairing software.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) – Best Software to Repair PST File

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is the most reliable software to fix corrupted PST file without any difficulties. It has the ability to repair corrupted or damaged PST file when scanpst.exe fails to repair. This PST file repairing software has the ability to fix corrupted PST files that are created using any latest versions of Microsoft Outlook including Microsoft Outlook 2010. Apart from fixing PST file, it is enough capable to fix even OST file. (Offline Storage Table)

This repairing software recovers deleted or lost emails, folders, notes, RSS feeds, contacts, journals and many other Outlook items. It also has the ability to recover items that are erased from Deleted Item folder and items that bypasses Delete Item folder. This tool is more efficient to repair oversized PST file without any difficulties.

Eye-catchy Features of Remo Repair Outlook (PST):

  • Repairs password protected Outlook PST file with ease
  • Fixed PST items can be viewed through Outlook Style browser items
  • Also supports repairing of PST file that is highly encrypted
  • Can generate repaired PST file in Microsoft Outlook 2003-2010 format
  • Finds PST file whose location is not known to the user.

This software is easy to handle so that both professional and non-technical person can use it without any expert’s help. Installation process is non destructive and requires only 50 MB space. User can use both Demo and paid version of this software. In case any difficulties. User can make use of technical support which is available 24/7.

Safety Measures:

  • Keep additional copies of important emails.
  • Use safe antivirus program to secure PST file and system from external threats.
  • Always follow proper procedure to exit Microsoft Outlook.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) Supported Versions:

Microsoft Outlook: Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010

Windows Operating System: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP

Windows Server: Windows Server 2003 and 2008

Recover Deleted Outlook Calendar Event

Microsoft Outlook Application is mainly used for communication purpose via emails. Along with emailing, this application also facilitates user with other Outlook attributes like calendar, journals, RSS feeds, notes, contacts and many other. Among these attributes, calendar is used to save important events like birthdays, anniversary, meeting, business trips and so on. User may use this attribute to set reminder to a particular date about the important event.

Though Outlook calendar event possesses many plus points, it can be easily deleted accidentally by the user. Such situation might be very heartbreaking where one might lose important event created for the entire year. Are you one of them who have accidentally deleted Outlook calendar event? Then do not worry as you can easily get them back by using the most reliable recovery software.

How to undeleted Outlook Calendar Event?

Remo Repair Outlook is the best software to recover deleted calendar events without any difficulties. It will rigorously scan entire computer system to identify and restore lost Outlook calendar events within few minutes. This Outlook file repairing software has the ability to repair corrupted PST file and along with it recovers all its attributes like emails, journals, settings, notes, appointments, events and other attributes.

Microsoft Outlook has Inbox Repair Tool called as scanpst.exe Using this tool PST files can be repair but if the severity of the corruption is high then scanpst will fail to fix. During such instant also this repairing software will easily fix PST files within less amount of time. Depending upon the severity of PST file corruption, software facilities user with two options for recovering emails and to fix PST file.

When any emails are accidentally deleted from the Outlook it will get stored in “Deleted Item” Folder of Outlook application and to clear unwanted files user may empty files from the folder without cross verifying it. Such deleted files can also be recovered using this software. Apart from above mentioned features, this utility facilitates user to view repaired Outlook items through Outlook style browser view. Additionally, this tool is very easy to handle and safe from external threats. Installation process takes place within 3-4 simple steps. Hence both novice and technical user can run this tool in the system.

Reasons for Outlook Calendar Event deletion:

The most common cause for Outlook Calendar Event deletion is due to accidental deletion. There are possibilities that instead of deleting some other Outlook files user might have accidentally deleted Outlook calendar event. Thus user might face data loss situation. Apart from deletion of event user can also come across situation where Outlook calendar might not be accessed due to PST file corruption.

There are many factors that cause Outlook PST file corruption. Some of them are explained below:

Virus Attack: Due to severe attack of external threats like malware, virus, spyware, etc. on the computer system may cause PST file corruption. Thus user cannot access PST file due to virus attack.

Header File Corruption: Header file plays very important role in opening PST file. Due to some reasons if header file of PST gets damaged, then PST file becomes inaccessible.

Incompatibility: Due to incompatibility between PST file and Microsoft Outlook versions can lead to PST file corruption which cannot be accessible.

Salient Features of Remo Repair Outlook application:

  • Supports repairing of oversized Outlook PST file with ease
  • Easily fix PST files that are password protected
  • Repairs PST file that are compressed using high encryption techniques
  • Ability to generate repaired PST files in Microsoft Outlook 2003-2010 format for easy import
  • Provides user with an option to locate PST file whose location is unknown

Safety Measures:

  • Maintain additional copy of important calendar event.
  • Do not save any new data soon after deletion of calendar event.
  • Install reliable antivirus software.
  • To avoid PST file corruption, keep backup of it.

Supported versions:

Microsoft Outlook Versions: Supported versions of MS Outlook are Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010

Windows Operating System: Supported Windows Operating System is Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP

Windows Server: Supported versions are Windows server 2003 and 2008

Optimistic Tool to Repair PST File Errors

Sometimes while accessing Microsoft Outlook, you might receive unexpected error messages. Due to such error messages, you cannot access the Outlook application completely. But for some people these errors tie their hands. But when you come across PST file errors, then don’t get depressed because it is very easy to fix Outlook PST errors at your own. For which you have to make use of a default inbox repair tool which comes with Outlook but possibilities of getting preferred outcome are low. This is because it is not a perfect PST file error repair utility and fixes only file header but it may not fix major errors.

While making use of Outlook you might receive error messages like “The Inbox repair tool does not recognize the file_path.pst. No information can be recovered”, “Outlook error 0x800ccc0e”,”0x800ccc90”, etc. The basic reason behind this is oversized PST file. As the PST file has predefined size limit, whenever it crosses its size limit, then you will get errors. Apart from this, there are few more scenarios behind Outlook errors but whenever you face any problem related to PST file corruption, then use Remo repair Outlook (PST) tool. This much-admired software will fix Outlook errors and recover Outlook elements like emails, contacts, notes, tasks, address, etc.

Most common scenarios behind Outlook PST file errors:

PST file header corruption: The header of PST file contains all the important info regarding a particular file. After seeing a header file, you can get clear idea about a file like size, modified date, name, file format, etc. If any variation in the header arrangement takes place, then file structure of the PST file gets damaged and exhibit error messages.

Virus or internet threats: As Outlook is an email client, you might receive and send lots of mails which may contain some attachments with them. Since it is exposed online there are chances that some insecure data might enter your computer or Outlook and result in PST file corruption. This in turn ends up with errors.

Outlook app crash: While using Outlook app if you come across sudden interruptions like sudden power surge or abrupt system shutdown, then there could be possibilities of Outlook crash and result in error messages.

This tool will fix all types of error messages which arise while working with Outlook. It can explain novice users how to fix PST file errors without taking anybody’s help. During the PST file errors fixing operation, it just reads the file but cannot harm original PST file. You can make use of this application to repair Outlook PST errors from Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. Password protected and highly encrypted PST file is by means of this substantial tool. It is available in demo form for evaluation. You can even use it to repair oversized PST file on Windows based computers.

Suggestions to be followed:

Before you shutdown the PC, exit your Outlook application

Don’t try to import older edition of PST file with fresh version, the file may get damage

Don’t keep outdated antivirus tool on your computer for scanning

Don’t let the PST file to exceed its predefined size

Unable to Open Outlook Email

Received very important Outlook mail from client and unable to open it. Such situations always give headache and user needs to find novel ways to make the highly anticipated email to get opened in a readable manner. All the worries of such users end right here because the damaged Outlook email can get opened with the third party application called Remo Repair Outlook. This software is the trending application to make damaged Outlook emails get opened in rapid fast manner. Start opening corrupted emails right now by following the below mentioned basic steps.

Launch Remo Repair Outlook application in your computer and select option named find PST file. Locate your PST file in drive and initiate the software to get the outlook email get repaired. Now, save your files in chosen location. All these steps are few basic steps of repair and can give back to you, the PST file in error free in nature. If user is confused about the reliability of this software, then it should be noted that the rating of this software is quite high and moreover the related ratings and feedback are also worth satisfying to owe the software.

Remo Repair Outlook is capable of extracting all details of unable to open outlook email file and present in the original format as it was created. It can perform repair of all other forms of PST files in Outlook application. Some of the PST files are notes, reminder, email, contacts, calendar and even a damaged profile can get fixed from this software. All basic versions of Microsoft Outlook application versions are supported by this software like Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and others. It is compatible with all versions of Windows application as well. Repaired files can be stored anywhere in computer for future use. GUI used is simple and helps the beginner users to understand the steps to repair files in fast manner.

Microsoft Outlook PST files can get damaged if the internet connection is weak. Consider, user starts the transfer of a large sized PST file to another profile. But, due to weak internet connection, the transfer process gets terminated without the file getting transferred completely. Such scenarios should be ignored by the usage of faster internet connection or by avoiding receiving or transferring PST file while the connection is weak. Moreover accessing same PST file in multiple profiles may lead to corruption of Outlook PST file. Other common reasons are due to virus infection, damaging the most precious PST files from Outlook application making it non responding or damaged. Moreover providing inappropriate credentials to Outlook application can also result in damage of PST file. So, the next time user logs into Outlook platform, user will not be able to view the file. If such scenarios are ever faced by user, do remember to make use of third party application called Remo Repair Outlook. Additionally usage of antivirus software is highly preferred to avoid unnatural and sudden corruption of PST files.

Download Tool to Repair Broken PST File

Are you frequently encountering the situation of PST file corruption and getting error messages?

Due to PST file corruption, I am not able to open your significant Outlook data.

To overcome from such type problems here you will get complete guidance how fix corrupted PST file. Usually, the PST file can get broken due to your ridiculous mistakes only. When your PST file gets broken then absolutely it will corrupt your essential data from your PST file. There are cheap jerseys several ways your PST file might be corrupted. If you do not have much information about how to fix damaged PST file then do not bother because this software will guide you in superior way.

The major factor for PST file corruption is when size of the PST file exceeds beyond allotted size. Generally, PST file keeps all key elements like contacts,  appointments, calendar, tasks, RSS feeds, etc and many more features. If any kind of corruption happens to your Outlook wholesale NFL jerseys PST file then it can results in loss of these elements. The size of the Outlook PST file gradually reaches to its highest size due to daily updates performed by you on your Outlook PST file. Updating and adding the contacts or appointments will enlarge the size of the Outlook PST file and this can Restoring happen even L’A with attachments, which come regularly with emails. All the usual updates and modification might increase the size of the Outlook PST file. In order to maintain the size of PST file, False size of the PST file can be decreased with the help of compacting operation. There are quite more possibilities of getting PST file corruption with file compression process. During the process if some unexpected power failure or all some other error occurs then it may lead to severe damage to outlook PST file. After that, your PST file may not work properly and you may lose your significant data from Outlook.

Most of the time, Miami Dolphins Jerseys your PST file can be damaged with Outlook up gradation process. Generally, only one version of Outlook can be installed on your computer system. Suppose if you have planned to switch to latest version of Outlook then you have to upgrade from older version of Outlook to desired version of Outlook. Suppose if Outlook up gradation process gets failed by any reason like sudden system shutdown or abrupt power failure then your Outlook PST file might get broken and lead to loss of mails and other Outlook elements.

Suppose you have huge number of useless emails in your mailbox of your outlook PST file. Perhaps, you may possibly decide to delete those useless emails from inbox of Outlook. On managing such huge amount of emails, your Outlook might be suspended and you may close suddenly resulting in corruption of Outlook PST file. After that, you might not be able to access the data from Outlook PST file. If you cannot access  your Outlook data then you will be frustrated and thinking that what must be done. With that, your hunt ends over here and you can fix corrupt PST file without any difficulty by using the Outlook repair tool.

Besides, above factors, your PST file can be corrupted with virus attack. Several viruses are so hazardous in action Hacks that it directly damages to your outlook PST file. If your PST file is broken then you must have to take immediate action to repair PST file. It does not matter to what extent your PST file has been corrupted; you can repair wholesale Minnesota Vikings jerseys your PST file and recover all your lost data from Outlook. This repair software has ability to fix severely damaged PST file. It can simply repair damaged PST file in just few minutes and generates a new healthy PST file beside with all the original features. This tool provides two options to restore wholesale MLB jerseys mails messages and to fix a PST file, based on your requirement you can select it. This application do not changes the content of the original Outlook PST file. The best thing about this repair tool, it offers trail version vette for users with free of cost to check its ability. Once you are okay with recovery process then you buy the license version to save restored data.