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Retrieve Outlook Express

Outlook express is an email and news client which was bundled with other programs in several operating system of Windows based computer. It was available with different names in different operating system, in Windows Vista it is named as Windows mail. However one of the common misconception which most of the user have is difference the between Outlook express and Microsoft Outlook. Most of them think that Outlook Express is the previous version of Microsoft Outlook but the two programs are totally different from one another, however both products are provided from Microsoft but have different functions and features.

There are several security issues with Outlook Express as it supports HTML email scripts, therefore due to security issue there is common problem of virus invasion. And when there is virus intrusion in your computer then it is apparent that all the data related to Outlook Express and other data will gets scrambled up resulting in loss of data. However security flaw like preview of email could cause the code to run automatically without the knowledge of user consent.

Apart from security issues there are situations where the database file of Outlook Express gets corrupted. It may get corrupt due to improper usage of email client, increase of file size of DBX file, virus infecting the database file and many others. Moreover at times you may delete emails assuming as it is no more required. Thus in this situation you will feel frustrated using Outlook Express however there is no requirement of it because you can stick to the same email client by recovering the issue associated to Outlook Express.

Any operation performed on Outlook express is stored on DBX file thus if there is any corruption or misbehavior in Outlook Express while using it then there the major problem is with DBX file. Therefore repairing DBX file is essential to make the Outlook Express work properly. So how is that possible? It can be possible by many ways but the most suggested method of fixing Outlook Express is using a tool which can effectively accomplish the task of repair within minutes, as a result restore Outlook Express using Remo which is considered as the most reliable application for retrieving Outlook Express.

Features of Remo Recover Outlook Express  

  • It can be installed on various version of Windows based operating system such as Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008
  • It can retrieve DBX file that is created by Microsoft Outlook Express versions like 4.0, 5.0, 5.01, 5.5 and 6.0
  • The tool does not consume much of your hard drive space due to which you have to be worried about the performance degradation in computer
  • Program is safe and secure to restore DBX file, this is because the tool’s non-destructive nature will not modify the actual content of DBX file
  • If in case the user is not able to understand the process of restoring then the user can take assistance from professionals who are there to help you at any time round the clock
  • Repairs DBX file that is corrupted due to oversize issue, virus infection, header file corruption etc.
  • If the DBX file is corrupted due to compact process then you can make use of this program to fix the issue
  • The graphical user interface which is provided by this tool is very interactive and user friendly, thus due to this any novice user can effectively perform recovering task
  • The tool is digitally signed and uses authorized anti-virus application in order to scan the files in Outlook Express files, which ensures the intact file remains as usual during scanning process
  • The application also recovers deleted emails which were intentionally deleted and also recovers lost emails which are lost due to corruption
  • After completion of restoring process the product stores the recovered email in .eml file format, thus using this .eml file you can easily import emails into Outlook Express folder

The steps involved in recovering Outlook Express using Remo Recover Outlook Express is very easy, this can be done by downloading the tool from a trusted website. After downloading the tool install it in your computer and run the program. Once the application is opened you will see home screen where the program will ask you to select the DBX file, and if you do not know the exact file location then you don’t have to worry because the tool can help you locate the file easily. Later select the destination location so that the repaired DBX file is stored onto that location.

Note: Users who are using Outlook Express should always make sure that the file size of DBX file is not exceeded to 2GB, because if the file size of DBX file is exceeded then there are chances that the DBX file will get corrupted.

Better Utility to Repair Outlook Express DBX File

Outlook Express can store emails with DBX file extension with maximum size limit of 2GB. All types of users feel comfortable while using this app to handle their emails. Users can store its attributes with .dbx file extension such as inbox.dbx, sent items.dbx, drafts.dbx, etc. However, the DBX file also gets damaged due to known or unknown reasons. Since DBX file has every info of Outlook Express if any harm to this file takes place, then it ends up with inaccessibility of OE.

Most of the times you might be using Outlook Express but sometimes it may not read or open folders. Due to this, you lose access to vital emails so, your business communication gets affected. The basic reason for this is the incompatibility issues i.e. the existing Outlook Express version might not be well-matched with the DBX version which you got from installed Windows Operating System. Do not worry, you can repair DBX file by means of Remo recover Outlook Express utility.  It will fix Outlook Express DBX file of various OE editions such as 4, 5, 5.5 and 6. In case you are from non-technical background and facing problems while accessing DBX file then use this tool to fix only that specific damaged DBX file.

Reasons behind Outlook Express DBX file corruption:

Improper usage of Outlook Express: Make practice best usage of Outlook Express app because improper termination of OE can result in DBX file corruption. Additionally, do not turnoff computer when OE is running.

Virus infection: DBX file gets affected due to virus or malicious infections. Normally, these viruses enter your computer when you browse internet in the absence of antivirus tool, sharing virus attacked files and connecting infected storage devices to computer. Later on, they immediately start damaging DBX and other files.

Oversized DBX file: Outlook Express DBX has size limit of 2GB. When it exceeds its storage capacity, then it starts automatically damaging itself and ends up with data loss.

Other causes: Abrupt system shutdown, repeatedly converting OE edition, Outlook Express crash, etc.

Whatever be a cause for DBX file corruption which can be effortlessly repaired with the aid of Remo Recover Outlook Express with utmost ease. Its simple user interface can assist all users to navigate it effortlessly.  You can use it to repair severely damaged DBX files and restore lost emails from it without loss of any precision. It scans your whole damaged DBX file and extracts your full data from it, then fixes and stores it in a fresh healthy file. It recovers emails in its appropriate format and holds all its settings after recovery.

Users of Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 7 and 8 can feel comfortable while making use of this preeminent software. It can keep DBX file undamaged due to its read-only feature. It is free from virus or malware or threats and requires less disk space for its installation. It can help you to search exact location of your DBX file and has the potential to recover entire header of email. This high quality app comes with a preview option so that users can understand what they are doing. Suppose in case you come to know that you fail to open Outlook Express as a result of DBX file corruption, then do not attempt to open it repeatedly because your DBX file may get damage severely.

Tips to remember:

Never interrupt while Outlook Express is updating

Use effective antivirus tool in your computer

Make good usage of Outlook Express app