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Fixing OST File Problems

Fixing OST file issues

OST is an offline storage table file that is used by Microsoft Exchange Server to save offline work. OST files are one of the notable features of Microsoft Outlook because it lets you work offline even in the absence of exchange connectivity. OST file allows you to access Outlook attributes even when not connected to internet. It is possible to create, send, read, edit tasks, write notes, journals, etc. in offline mode. Thus all the work done in offline mode will be stored in OST files folder and once when the server is connected this folder will automatically synchronize to Exchange mailboxes.

Inspite of so many advantages of OST files, you may come across certain problems resulting in the corruption of OST files; like when you try to access OST file, error message may pop up stating “Cannot open your default email folders“, “Unable to expand the folder. The set of folders could not be opened.”  If you receive any error message like this, just make use of Remo Convert OST to PST to fix OST file problems in a quick way.

Remo Convert OST to PST to fix OST files problems

Remo Convert OST to PST tool fixes all your issues related to OST files by converting it in to PST file. Tool is built with simple graphical user interface which gives clear instructions to the user without requirement of any technical skills. Since the tool is read-only it doesn’t modify the original OST files. It just reads the content from OST file by scanning the inaccessible OST file and turns it in to a healthy data file. i.e., the tool fixes inaccessible OST file in to a healthy PST file and recovers all Outlook attributes like contacts, RSS feeds, tasks, notes, emails, journals, etc.

It is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 and Mac operating systems like Yosemite, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, etc. Application supports OST files that are created on Microsoft Exchange 5.0, Microsoft Exchange 5.5, Microsoft Exchange 2000, Microsoft Exchange 2010, etc. Thus tool helps in fixing OST file issues within few clicks by converting it into PST file. It even supports conversion of healthy OST file into PST file. By making use of this tool you can even convert encrypted and password protected OST file into PST file.  “Find OST File” feature helps you to find OST file, in case you are not aware of OST file location. The converted PST file can be saved in any location except the location from which it is converted.Apart from performing Outlook OST error fix, this tool can help you repair Outlook PST files that are corrupted / damaged.

Tips to keep your OST file safe:

  • Keep regular backup of OST file to overcome data loss problems
  • Reduce the OST file size by removing unwanted contents
  • Proper methods should be followed while accessing or editing OST files
  • Synchronization process of OST files should not be interrupted

Factors that results in the corruption of OST Files which can be repaired using Remo Convert OST to PST

Improper Termination of Outlook:  If Outlook application is improperly terminated due to some interruptions like sudden power failure while accessing or synchronizing the OST file, then OST file is prone to be damaged.

Errors while synchronizing: Since the work done in offline mode will automatically get synchronized to server mailbox and the changes that are made will be updated in Microsoft Exchange mailbox. During this process if any kind of interruptions like sudden system shutdown occurs then there is a chance of OST file corruption.

Exceed In OST File Size: When OST file size exceeds the maximum size limit, it results in the damage of OST file making it inaccessible.

Other Reasons: Dangerous external threats, upgrading exchange server, compatibility issues, Outlook application crash, etc. corrupts OST files.

Apart from the above scenarios there are still many other reasons that damages OST file. But however all these can be handled by Convert OST to PST tool by Remo Software to fix OST issues.

Other features of Remo Convert OST to PST application

  • Tool is safe and secure as it is digitally signed and scanned by latest updated antivirus before compiling into packages
  • Tool comes with demo version and paid version. You can first install demo version and later after evaluating the result you can purchase paid version and save the repaired files
  • Well trained technical assistance is provided by support team and online chat facility is also available round the clock. Incase of any issues you can contact them to get your queries solved. It can even convert encrypted and password protected OST files

Repair OST File

Overview of OST:

Microsoft Outlook application is widely used software mainly for communication purpose through emails. Apart from sending and receiving emails, this application provides user with calendar, journal, events, appointments, settings, RSS feeds and many other outlook items.  In some large companies, this application is used with Microsoft Exchange server which is an email client to take the advantages of Microsoft Outlook items.

The main advantage of Microsoft Server Exchange is that it allows user to work in Offline mode when internet connectivity is not there. MS Outlook will create same replica of mailbox from the server called Offline Storage Table (OST). The work done offline will be stored in OST folder and when internet connection is available it will automatically get synchronized with the Microsoft Exchange Server. This synchronization process will update all changes made offline in the server mailbox.

However, user may face some challenges related to OST file. Due to some unknown reasons OST file may get corrupted and user may not be able to access OST file. At certain situation, user may try all possible way to fix OST file but may be unsuccessful. Now onwards, user need not be panic because such issues can be fixed safely using some conversion tool.

Why OST Conversion Tool is needed?

Whenever you come across OST file corruption you may need some trustworthy conversion tool to repair corrupted or damaged OST file. This conversion tool will safely convert OST to PST file and rebuilt it. No you might be thinking why conversion tool is required rather than repairing tool? Actually speaking, there is not tool available in market to repair OST file directly as repairing OS file is not an easy task. Thus it can be fixed by converting it into PST file within few simple steps.

Why Remo Convert OST to PST Tool?

Remo Convert OST to PST software has the ability to convert corrupted or damaged OST to healthy PST file within few simple steps. It can also convert healthy OST file to PST file as per user need. This software along with converting also recovers all Outlook emails, journals, notes, settings, calendar and many others. This converting software has the ability to repair password protected OST files with great ease.

Using this software, user can easily convert and repair OST files which are highly encrypted. It supports OST file created using latest versions of Microsoft Exchange 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. It works smoothly on all latest versions of Windows Operating System including Windows 8. This software works on read only mode thus while converting OST file original content are not modified. In case, user is facing any problem can contact technical help.

Remo Convert OST to PST software supported General scenarios:

  • Synchronization Error: As we know, when internet is available the work done offline will automatically get synchronized and all the change made will be updates in the Microsoft Exchange mailbox. Thus if any sort of interruption is occurred then there are chances that OST file may get corrupted. Due to which user are not able to access OST file.
  • Header File Corruption: Header File is the most important component of OST file which contains information regarding the file that helps to open it. Hence, any sort of damage caused to header file of OST file can lead to OST file corruption.
  • Upgradation of Server: If administrative person upgrades older version Exchange Server to newer version so as to improve performance of email access then it is possible that OST file present in mailbox may get corrupted. Hence OST file cannot be accessible to the user and cause huge loss of data.
  • Other Factors: Other Factors that cause OST file corruption are abrupt termination of system, sudden Outlook termination, power spikes and many more causes.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Upgradation of Microsoft Exchange Server should be done properly without any disturbance in the process.
  • Avoid abrupt termination of Microsoft Outlook application and system.
  • Synchronization process should not be interrupted.

(NOTE: Be careful while erasing any files when working offline mode because once internet connection is available then the changes is made automatically. Thus those erased files are also deleted from the server mailbox. If accidentally any files are erased then it can lead to data loss situation.)

Effortless Tactics to Repair MS Outlook OST File

I am unable to access my data from Outlook OST file and getting error message saying”Outlook cannot open OST file because the file pqr.ost is not an offline folder”. I don’t know why I am getting this error message? What it specifies? I have tried to fix the OST file using scanost.exe but could not succeed in that process. Can anyone tell me how to repair MS Outlook OST file.  

Don’t get disappointed, losing data as a result of OST file corruption can be really worrying moment for anyone. Any sort of corruption to your OST file will lead to inaccessibility of file. However, the good news is that your OST file is safe nothing will happen to it. In order to manage such unpredictable OST file corruption scenarios you need to employ Remo Convert OST to PST utility. It will convert damaged OST file into working, healthy PST file from which you can get access to tasks, emails, contacts, notes, etc. in just matter of few minutes. This jovial application can fix OST file created on all Microsoft Exchange 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. It is a non-destructive software that assures integrity of source OST file and provides self descriptive steps to make sure smooth repair process.

OST file gets damaged due to following reasons:

Internet connection failure: In case the internet connection fails while synchronizing data from OST to Exchange Server or vice versa then you lose access to your important emails and other items in MS Outlook and this in turn ends up with severe corruption.

Virus attack: Sometimes, your hard disk has viruses and you have not installed updated antivirus tool inside your system, then viruses will damage the system files. This in turn results in inaccessibility of OST file.

Power outage: At times, you might come across interruption like abrupt power outage without closing the Outlook app at the time of synchronizing OST file might result in its corruption.

Other causes like exchange database corruption, improper handling of OST file, OST file header corruption, etc. result in OST file corruption.

In any of these cases, no need to worry and use effective Outlook repair software to repair MS Outlook OST file in all recent versions of Windows Operating System like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 2003 with utmost ease. It is virus and threats free and do not ask any technical expertise for this tool. It consumes less storage space of HDD when you install on your system. It is designed with best set of features which provides the finest recovery option such as safety of data and preservation of metadata stored in it. Furthermore, it will convert password protected OST file with mouse clicks. It will repair large sized OST file on all editions of Outlook like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013. This application is considered user-friendly because it is trusted and recommended by industry experts.

Suggested points:

Always delete unnecessary emails

Make good practice of accessing Outlook application

Make use of best virus scanner in your computer

Don’t close Outlook app suddenly