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Intel’s New Compute Stick is interesting

You have plenty of options, if you want to buy an HDMI stick PC into your TV box. But, not a single stick is packed with processing power. Now, this is about to change, yes, you heard it right, Intel’s very first compute stick will feature Intel Core M Skylake processors.

This new generation might solve all issues which users faced with the first compute stick. Compute Stick had problems like very slow, had only one USB port and its networking capabilities were weak. But, now it seems like Intel has addressed to all out concerns. The new compute Stick is available at cost $ 159. It is packed with an Atom x5-z8400, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage with Windows 10. It works two times faster than the last model and also facilities two USB ports.

Intel Compute Stick sound something interesting and even users can use it for basic computing. On networking aspects, it supports 802.11ac and has a 2×2 antenna array, thus making it easy to handle lot of wireless traffic.

Not only new atom chip, Intel also supports 2 new compute Stick modes with 6th generation core chips like M3 and M5. They look similar to Atom Compute Stick, but there is a slight change in specifications. They are packed with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, and one USB port on the stick itself. Don’t wonder that you can’t connect all your accessories, in fact additional of 2 USB slot is given on the power charger. Intel stated that Core M3 model will be able to give output of 4K videos at 30hz and overall it is more powerful that Atom model.

The Core M5 compute Stick supports Intel’s VPro technology for hardware level security. Core M3 stick will be made available for cost around $399 with Windows 10 in it and M5 models will be for $499 with no OS installed in it. The compute stick will also have a tiny face to dissipate heat, though the device don’t generate much heat, it is necessary to keep the device from overheating due to its tiny frames.

Intel’s John Deatherage wants user to use the new generation compute stick and need feedback about it. The stick will rely on a separate AC adapter for power. Current USB ports on TVs and HDMI ports support the MHL standard which doesn’t output enough power to keep the Compute Stick going. Intel says it is observing on the Super MHL standard, and it might even consider power over USB-C eventually.

The Atom powered second generation Compute stick by Intel is in production now and you will soon get it in stores whereas Core M3 and M5 models will start its production in February this year.

Can Microsoft Edge Beat Google Chrome? Let’s Find Out!

edge-vs-chromeNow-a-days browsers are also classified under the category of good, better and best. Among all these browsers, Google Chrome is considered as one of the best web browser. This browser is extremely fast in operation, trustworthy and provides security that makes it tougher for other browsers to stand in its competition. But still Microsoft is running in the race by launching its latest browser known as Microsoft Edge in order to go head to head against this browser giant.

Let’s go through some interesting features of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and try to compare them:

Browsing Speed is very important part of any kind of browser, so by making use of speed test tools that will measure how fast each browser will load with the help of stopwatch.  For this test, no sign-ins or any other data sync was there; as well as Microsoft Edge was also untouched without any kind of data sync. Cache and cookies were deleted to ensure accurate results. Post the test, it was observed that, Edge didn’t beat Chrome but timings were really close.

When you have done checking browser speed, let’s check Security, which is very big concern for everyone. Google Chrome has a habit of tracking personal data, apart from this, Google is having good privacy and security built features. These features include Safe Browsing, Sandboxing feature to protect your system from malicious code with plugins and the feature of Incognito mode for the purpose of private browsing without traces. Google provides “Do not Track” feature that is used for privacy concerned users who don’t want to be get tracked.

Talking about Microsoft Edge security features similar to Google Chrome like Protected Mode (Sandboxing), In Private tabs (Incognito mode), Do not track and other customization options that Chrome will offer. Besides, Microsoft has the special feature of own SmartScreen that will protect users from downloading malicious content and simultaneously check Certificate Reputation about fake websites.

More about Chrome and Microsoft features

Chrome provides support for extensions and plugins, this helps in adding third-party plugins easily. Further, Chrome also provides built-in PDF viewer, data sync, guest browsing, HTTPS certificate management and many other things.

On the other hand, Microsoft Edge might lack some of these advanced features but if you notice it has some other interesting feature that even Chrome doesn’t offer by default. These includes reading mode, reading list, Web Sharing, Cortana integration and most importantly integration with Windows 10.

Bottom Line: Though Microsoft Edge is having more amazing features than Chrome,, but it is still in early stages of development so it lacks many things. This results are not sufficient for judging Microsoft Edge, its true that it may progress in future by adding relevant features for comparison. So till date it is for sure that Google Chrome is the king of all browsers.