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Repairing CRC Error Associated With PST File

Microsoft Outlook is one of the leading email program used globally, the major reason behind users preferring Outlook is that the application is incredibly simple and easy to access and moreover it is loaded with many exceptional features. However users who are using Outlook have to be aware that every operation performed in Outlook is stored in PST file which is also known as Personal Storage Table. This file resides locally on your computer and we all know that most of the irregularities occur in computer. Similarly you may also come across some inconsistencies in PST file due to which you may encounter some serious errors and issues. Among various errors, CRC error is one in the midst of serious issues associated with PST file and getting rid of this error is quite difficult. However CRC error not only indicates problem with PST file but also corresponds to the location of hard disk where PST file is been stored.

What are the major reasons of CRC error occurrence?

One of the major reasons behind CRC error occurrence is the corruption of PST file and conversely there are many reasons behind PST file corruption.

Virus invasion: Virus intrusion is frequent in computer thus due to this there may be many files infected. Thus in case if the PST file is severely infected then it’s usual that the file will get corrupted

Inappropriate usage: Mischief activity in your computer from any intruder which was performed in your absence can result in corruption of PST file. However apart from mischievous activity if there is any kind of incorrect usage of Outlook then there are chances that all the things in Outlook gets messed up resulting in damage of PST file

Transfer of PST file: As mentioned earlier that sometimes there will be problems with the location of hard disk which is unknown to users, thus in this case if you copy your PST file to that location then it is apparent that the file will have some kind of inconsistency due to which you will get error. Therefore in this situation checkout that source file is working fine, because most of the times there will problem in data integrity due to which the file may not get transferred completely

Faulty add-ins: If there is any defective add-ins in your Outlook then this can have some kind of impact on PST file. And in most of the cases you may find that the PST file gets corrupted due to the discrepancies caused by the faulty add-ins

These are some of the commonly occurred situations due to which you may find your PST file corrupted. Thus in these kind of situations there are many solutions which can resolve your issues, but among all the solutions the most easiest and quickest way is using a tool which can repair CRC error of PST file without any damage to PST file.

Thus you may be worried now by thinking of which software to choose? But don’t get tensed as you will get the perfect suggestion regarding which application you can choose in order to effectively resolve the CRC error. So in this situation the most preferable program suggested by most of the experts is Remo Repair Outlook (PST) tool. This utility is equipped with many great features which can efficiently fix any sought of error occurred in PST file.

How does the tool help you in resolving the issue?

  • The utility is loaded with advanced and optimized algorithms which can make the process of scanning and repairing very easy and quick
  • With the help of Remo Repair Outlook (PST) tool you can easily repair PST file which is severely corrupted by oversize of PST file
  • Program can be easily installed on most of the Windows operating system such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008
  • Makes the process of repairing PST file to be very simple, this is because the UI (user interface) provided by this software are user-friendly and easily understood by any user
  • When you install this app on your computer then you can see that the consumption of memory for installation is quite negligible which is around 50 MB
  • By using this tool you can easily fix PST file that is created from Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010
  • Special thing about this utility is that after PST file is repaired then you will be allowed to preview the recovered emails and other data that was inaccessible due to corruption of PST file
  • Highly encrypted and password protected PST file can also be repaired with the help of this marvelous software
  • Can effortlessly recover emails that was deleted intentionally or unknowingly, moreover apart from emails this powerful tool has the ability of recovering contacts, appointments, journals, RSS feeds, notes, calendar items etc.

It is a good practice to follow some safety measures so that you can get rid of irregularities within PST file. Thus make sure that you install a reliable anti-virus tool in your computer as most of the inconsistencies are caused from malware and other harmful viruses. Additionally, make sure that you exit your Outlook profile in a proper manner because most of the times you may shutdown your computer thinking that Outlook is terminated, but there might be some background processes which will be running even after termination of Outlook.