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Deleted Emails Recovery from MS Outlook 2007

“While working on Outlook 2007, I had deleted some of the mails thinking that it is not required. After which realized, along with unwanted mails I had deleted some of the important ones too. But it was very late because to delete mails from Outlook 2007 I had used shift + delete command due to which I was unable to find deleted mails in deleted items folder. Since, I was into technical field tried many possibilities to retrieve deleted mails from Outlook 2007 but couldn’t successed.  Is there any software using which restoring deleted emails from Outlook 2007 can be performed?”

It is quite common to face deletion scenarios, as usage of Outlook has been increased extensively from past few years. This is because of its user friendly features and simple operations when compared to other email applications. Microsoft Outlook is one of the commonly utilized email application in most of the organizations for sending and receiving mails over internet. Due to advanced technology and extensive support given by its users, Microsoft has come up with various versions, among them Outlook 2007 is one. This application can also be utilized to store different attributes like contacts, calendars, appointments, notes, journals and many more apart from emails. To store all this attributes, Outlook make use of single file called PST that stands for Personal Storage Table. This file comprises entire information about Outlook like email data, contacts, calendars and so on. However, deleted data will not be permanently deleted but will not be in visible range. In order to perform recovery of deleted emails from Outlook 2007 utilize best repairing software.

As discussed above, accidental deletion is major reason for deletion of emails from Outlook 2007. Usually, this takes place while deleting undesired emails using delete option or shift + delete command. Virus attack is another prominent reason for deletion, these viruses after getting transferred to Outlook 2007 will self replicate and can modify, delete data available in it. Unreliable antivirus software used for scanning your system might delete infected files from hard drive without user conformation. Apart from deletion, you will be unable to access emails on Outlook 2007 when PST file gets corrupted or damaged which is also supported by our software. Here are common scenarios for PST file corruption:

  • Oversized PST size – When PST file of Outlook 2007 reaches its maximum level, corruption takes place as a result you cannot access data present in it
  • PST file Corruption – When PST file gets corrupted due to malware infections, inappropriate termination of Outlook while sending or receiving emails are major reasons for PST file corruption
  • Corrupt hard drive – If the hard drive where PST file is stored gets corrupted due to bad sectors, hardware conflicts, sudden power loss etc. results in PST file corruption

Now is it possible to retrieve deleted emails from Outlook 2007

Yes, Remo Repair Outlook (PST) is one of the preferred software that has built in advanced scanning algorithms to recover deleted emails from Outlook 2007. This tool is capable of restoring deleted emails even when PST file is corrupted i.e. first it will repair corrupted PST file and after which recovers emails deleted from Outlook 2007. This software is designed with two different scanning algorithms based on corruption level like Normal Scan for less corrupted PST file and Smart Scan for severely corrupted PST file. Compatible with all the versions of Windows operating system.

Other features of Remo Repair Outlook (PST)

  • It has the ability to repair all kinds of PST files like corrupted, damaged, oversized, inaccessible etc.
  • This software can repair corrupted PST file which cannot done by inbox scanpst tool supported by Outlook
  • Outlook style browser can be utilized to view data before saving them on particular destination
  • Requires minimal disk space for installation process
  • Download demo version of software to check its adequacy prior purchasing it

Tips to remember:

  • Have a copy of PST file in other backup devices like USB drives, pen drives
  • Install updated antivirus software to scan your system
  • Before deleting emails from Outlook 2007 check it properly
  • Microsoft Outlook should be closed appropriately



Recover Outlook Email Attachments

Ever used Microsoft Outlook? If yes, then the emails may matters a lot to you. An email not only just contains contents in html format but may have attachments in any of the formats used in computers. It may happen that the attachments contain files, documents or folders which are very important for you. Imagine a situation in which these email attachment gets deleted. In this situation, you may surely get into some sort of worry and will try to get back the attachments. To resolve this issue, you have to opt for good third party email recovery software to rescue important Outlook email attachments.

There are number of recovery software available in the online market. Among these applications, most trustworthy software is Remo Repair Outlook (PST) to retrieve deleted or lost Outlook email attachments. This software was developed by recovery software experts using advanced technique to recover the lost or deleted email attachments. Before proceeding to the recovery steps consider some of the email attachment deletion/lost scenarios.

Accidental deletion: When a user has lot of emails in his Outlook mail, then, he/she will try to delete unwanted mails. While performing this task user may delete some of the important emails, this kind of circumstance results in loss of email attachments.

Operating system crash: For 95% of the cases, an operating system usually crashes due to the use of third party vendors and for remaining 5% crash happens due to malfunctioning of hardware devices. It can very probably happen that the user is using Outlook and meanwhile the system gets crashed. This will be troublesome to the user because email saved in the Outlook gets deleted.

Virus attack: Virus can land in your system via wide variety of sources. It can make the entry when the user downloads the email attachments from untrustworthy sites or when the user copies virus infected file into his/her system. Viruses have unique ability to replicate among itself which makes it notorious in the world of computers. A virus infected system can corrupt the attachments in the Outlook mail which results in loss of email attachment.

Using third party utilities: Third party utility is used to optimize the system performance. But most of the users don’t know that there are side effects of these utilities too. By using untrustworthy third party utilities or due to incompatibility of the third party tool, the email attachments can get deleted.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) takes few minutes to recover the lost email attachments from Microsoft Outlook utmost ease. It is practically effective in managing corruption related cases with PST (Personal Storage Table) attachments. It supports recovery of email attachments from the following versions of Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. It is outstanding in terms of its fast algorithm for recovery of lost email attachments. Along with the recovery of lost email attachments, it is capable of recovering folders, notes, contacts and calendar. It can recover email attachments emptied from deleted item folder or deleted from any outlook folder. Even if there is any doubt in the mind regarding the recovery of lost email attachment user can directly contact of highly skilled technical support team who are well versed with recovery of lost email attachments.

Since these attachments can have very much importance to user, precautions must be taken to avoid email attachment loss. The best advice in this context is to keep back up of email attachments. Any new email attachment should be kept in backup memory like external hard drive, pen drive, memory card or Fire wire. UPS is a must to prevent any email attachment loss in times of power loss.