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Unable to Open OST File

“Today when I tried to open my Outlook OST file, an error message popped up stating that OST file cannot be opened. Yesterday night, while working on OST file, my system got terminated abruptly. May be due to this I am not able to open OST file. Is there any solution to repair OST file that refuses to open?”

If above is your situation, then don’t worry because you can make use of some software to repair OST file that is unable to open. Outlook OST file is also known as Offline storage Table widely used by many professionals to execute their daily tasks.  The user with Microsoft Exchange server account works in unison with Outlook application in order to take benefits of Outlook features. Such users can even work when internet connection is not available. All the work done offline by the user is stored in OST file and when internet is available automatically OST file will get synchronized with the server and all the changes are made accordingly.

Unluckily, something may go wrong in the process while synchronization or while working on OST file which may lead to OST file corruption. Thus user is not able to open OST file. User may panic at such situations as access to important and confidential emails are lost.  Following are some causes that lead to OST file corruption where the OST file cannot be opened:

  • Improper Termination: When user is working on OST file and if there is improper termination of Outlook application due to some sort of reasons, then user will not be able to open OST file due to OST file corruption.
  • Synchronization Error: Work done by user in offline mode automatically gets synchronized and all the changes are made on the server. But if any sort of interruption is there during synchronization process then there is a possibility of OST file corruption and hence user cannot view emails in it.
  • Server upgradation: The admin may upgrade Microsoft Exchange Server from lower version to higher version for better email access. If the process of upgradation is not done in proper way then OST file may get corrupted.
  • Other Factors: Other factors resulting in Offline storage table corruptions are power spike, malware threats, re-installation, and so on.

If user comes across such scenarios then it’s quite obvious that user may want to repair it and get back all emails stored in it. User will try every possible way to fix the issue but may be unsuccessful. Some professional users may try to solve OST file corruption issues by using Scanost.exe tool but may not succeed. Scanost.exe tool is nothing but inbuilt Repair tool to fix corruption issues of OST file and to recover deleted items from it. When the OST file corruption severity is very high then this inbuilt tool fails to repair it. In some cases, this tool can make the corruption issues too complex and severe. Now user might be wondering for the solution to fix it. Here is the outstanding software to repair corrupt or damaged OST file.

Why Remo Convert OST to PST Tool?

In market, there is no tool that can repair OST file directly, thus to fix OST file user may need some good conversion software which will convert OST file to PST and then fix the issues.  One such efficient software is Remo Convert OST to PST tool which has the ability to safely convert corrupt OST file to healthy PST file. It also recovers all emails, notes, journals, settings, calendars and other attributes easily.

User can easily convert healthy or damaged OST file to PST file using this software within few mouse clicks.  This conversion tool has the ability to convert OST file that is password protected and highly encrypted with great ease.  It supports OST file created on Microsoft Exchange 5.0, 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. This software is easy to use and thus novice users can also use it with great ease. In case, user is facing any problem then user can contact Technical service team.

Efficient Software to Convert OST to PST Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is awesome software, enabling the user to do variety of tasks like email sending, note making etc. These features are same in all the versions of Microsoft Outlook apart from some of the visual changes which come out from version to version. But, one of the key changes which demand the need of external software is the different formats supportable in different versions of Outlook.

Now, consider this. In my office there are two computers, one is of old model and other one is newer. Older one supports Microsoft Office 2003 having .OST format and the newer one with .PST format in 2007 Outlook version. I usually used to work in newer version of Outlook, since the newer computer was already occupied; I had to work in older model. So, I created a file in older version Outlook and sent it to the newer computer. But, this file was not readable because the sent file was in .OST format while the newer computer, supported only .PST format. I wanted the file back because I had to forward the file to an important client. In such an occasion the need of software which can change the format was of prime importance. At that moment one of the chief advisors suggested the usage of popular file convertor called Remo Convert OST to PST.

I tried using this software and immediately got fascinated by the ease with which files can be converted from older .OST to .PST Outlook 2007. Some of the top reasons which lead to the conversion of formats are mentioned below.

OST File Damage: One of the most common scenarios which demands .OST to .PST file conversion is due to the file damage. The main reason behind this is the virus attack which can come via internet or from virus infected external drives connected to the computer. If virus enters a computer, then the .OST file may get directly corrupted by the virus.

Deleting old profile: If the user has deleted older profile, then the OST files will become unreadable and it will be best to convert the file from one version to the newer format like .PST in order to make it readable.

The scenarios mentioned above are few, but is frequent for Outlook users. In order to get out of such trouble use software like Remo Convert OST to PST.

This software is widely acclaimed and does its job of file conversion from OST to PST in Outlook 2007 much efficiently. The code developed for this software is robust and ensures that the software in practical usage is virus free. Remo Convert OST to PST was developed by top recovery experts and runs smoothly without any glitches. Even if the file size to be converted is large, it hardly takes few seconds of duration to convert the .OST file to .PST file. It allows user to convert all the older attributes of Outlook like notes, calendar, email, tasks etc. to newer .PST file attributes in Outlook 2007. This software is compatible with all the versions of Microsoft Outlook like 2003, 2007, 2010 etc.

Some of the precautionary measures avoiding Outlook files from getting corrupted are explained below: Use antivirus with internet security, so that it remains updated periodically with new kind of virus internet and take necessary action to prevent it from entering the computer and harm the Outlook files from getting damaged.