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Clear Cache ie8

Recently I upgrade my PC from Windows vista to Windows 7. It takes quite a time for me to learn about. Somehow I got some knowledge through internet but I don’t know how to clear cache files in IE8. I want it because my internet explorer is too slow and freaking out sometimes. Because of this problem I am unable to utilize the internet completely.       

“ie8” This is what the internet explorer 8 browsers called commonly when it was released in the year 2006. When compared with its predecessors this internet explorer 8 browser are very advanced inbuilt features. For example this internet explorer 8 browser provides a special option to the browser in the name of private browsing to the users. These private browsing option does not keep any traces of the user surfed data. Another one of the advancement is it has a more and more stabilized performance than its predecessors like IE 7 and 6. Its advantage itself turned against it as one of the major drawback of all times. Whenever a user surfs for information in the internet explorer 8 the web elements that are required are downloaded and saved in the PC locally.

Why cache files need to be cleared?

These cache files may sometimes owe highly confidential information such as banking credentials, passwords etc. When the private browsing option was introduced the access to cache files is totally blocked. So that the none of the users can gain access to the cached data at any cost. These cache files created by the internet explorer are a major burden to the computer performance. It also increases the systems payloads resulting in lot of performance related issues. So these cache files have to be cleared now and then. Windows versions prior to 7 provides clearing cache option to the user by using the run command box but it’s totally worn out in Windows 7. To clear cache ie8 we need defined software that could pass through the blocks and at the same time the application must be safe enough to work with. Remo MORE is one of such application offering cache clearing facility in all Windows operating system.

Installing and using the Remo MORE application is not a big issue. Even a naïve user can get expertise just by visualizing it. Before touching the Remo MORE product the chief advantage of the application is provided below.

  • 24×7 customer support facility
  • Digitally signed and free from all kind of vulnerability threats
  • Sophisticated mechanism to clear cache files that are inaccessible through manual methods
  • Simple mouse clicking mechanism is enough clear ie8 cache
  • The user can visualize the cache clearance and performance in real time.

Procedure to clear cache in Internet explorer 8:

  • Download the software by following the hyperlink from the above
  • After successful installation of Remo MORE tool choose optimize option in the main screen
  • From the next upcoming windows choose privacy cleaner and clean browser junk
  • In the next window choose internet explorer option on the left screen and cache option on the right screen
  • Hit clean and start clearing the cache files of Internet explorer 8 within minutes
  • After successful clearance a message with detailed report will be displayed and the click Finish to complete and exit