Apple Apps for Protecting the Environment

April 19, 2016 Off By Tom

There has been a disclosure that Apple has developed apps for World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and it is termed as Apps for Earth. It provides a list of mobile games like Angry Birds 2 and SimCity Buildt and camera app VSCO as well as messaging service Line. Besides there are some apps that are free so it has been mentioned by Apple that WWF will receive from in-apps purchases as well.


Thereafter, the environmental initiative is making use of iPhone maker’s commitment that causes climate change and conservation. It was noticed that more vocal issues and other social policy causes has been outspoken as chief executive. So for instance some official from company revealed environment policy and social initiatives.

Around 93 percent of Apple’s facilities can now run on renewable sources of energy.  Post to that the company partnered with the WWF in May 2015.  This was done in order to protect forest in China those are used to make product packaging and it has been working on a 1,300 acre solar farm to power its new headquarters.

Summarizing it: According to Apple and WWF, the idea behind this, is to use the popularity of Apple App Store effectively. This is done so as to put issues like deforestation and make available the fresh water to the entire world in front of the people who avoid such kind of issues.