Audacious Steps to Recover Deleted Personal Folder in Outlook

Have you deleted your Outlook personal folder or other attributes from MS Outlook? Do you need them at any cost? Just stop worrying about your mistake because you are at the right location and read further to get more details…

Just imagine yourself a situation where you want to import files into Outlook. This in turn creates two personal folders. In such case, you decide to delete an extra folder but while carrying out this process, you might delete the important folder containing your personal Outlook data. Hence, it result in loss of your calendar, contacts and other Outlook elements stored in PST file. In such stage, you might think what to do? How to recover deleted personal folder in Outlook?

Just cool..! The folder will not get delete permanently, so still you have a better chance to restore your personal folder. In case you have deleted that folder by applying “Shift + Delete” key combination, then no need to worry. By means of Remo Repair Outlook (PST), you can retrieve deleted personal folder in Outlook lost or deleted due to PST file corruption. Moreover, it will repair and get back your personal Outlook folder along with all its attributes such as inbox, sent items, draft items, mailbox, address book, contacts, calendar items, notes, journals and other Outlook elements related to personal folder within couple of minutes.

Important scenarios for deletion of Outlook personal folder:

Most of the times, while carrying out some tasks on Outlook application or while removing files and folders from the “Deleted Items” folder without validating its contents, there is high chance that Outlook personal folder get delete.

Another scenario behind Outlook personal folder deletion is, antivirus scanning. The antivirus running on the computer scans and completely removes the virus attacked Outlook personal folder along with emails.

Outlook personal folder gets deleted due to updating Outlook from previous edition to next edition or any interruption during this process.

If your Outlook personal folder gets deleted due to any of above said reasons, then without any difficulty just use this tool to get it back. It comes very handy to bring back Outlook lost, inaccessible PST file by fixing errors and repairing it. It successfully recovers RSS feeds, notes and other folders of PST file. It can restore damaged Outlook PST file and Outlook objects from password protected or highly encrypted PST file at your fingertips. It recovers the Outlook personal folder without making any damage to the data in the folder. Its user-friendly interface can help you in carrying out smooth and comfortable recovery process.

Additionally, it can recover Outlook personal folder lost due to oversized PST file, sharing PST file over network, compacting PST file, virus attack, etc. on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. It supports all Windows versions like Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 7 and 8. This traditional utility can repair compressed PST file and fixes any type of issues occurred in Outlook. It lets you to preview recovered item in Outlook style browser view. It is free from malwares, threats, other malicious software and viruses. By means of its demo form you can analyze available results to calculate its efficiency. It is a read-only tool which simply finds and identifies the personal folder and extracts the data from it.

Steps to avoid deletion or loss of folders from Outlook:

Scan your computer once in a week with updated antivirus tool

Delete unwanted data from Outlook application at least once in a week

Do not allow PST file exceeding its size limit

Ensure that all tasks are completed before you close MS-Outlook app

Check twice before clicking on “Deleted Items” folder

Traditional Tool to Fix Outlook PST File

Microsoft Outlook is a Personal Information Manager, which works as stand-alone e-mail program. With the aid of Outlook, you can synchronize emails from other services such as Yahoo, Gmail, etc. It stores all the attributes such as Contacts, Emails, Calendar items, Notes, Tasks, etc. in a single storage file called PST (Personal Storage Table). There is a .pst file for every user account where all Outlook data, account settings, RSS feeds, etc. gets stored. Sometimes, this file gets damaged due to unpredictable or known reasons. In such case, it is difficult to manage or handle the situation.

Since Outlook data file stores valuable info, if it gets damaged means it will not respond for your requests. Most importantly, you can lose access to confidential, business emails. Thus, it ends up with loss of all your Outlook data. During that time, if you manually try to repair Outlook data file, then it needs in depth technical knowledge, which in turn makes the process very complex. Thus, there is need to employ a best Outlook file fixer tool to repair and fix all the issues related to PST file. No need to worry! Use Remo Repair Outlook (PST) tool to fix Outlook data file and render a healthy Outlook with utmost ease.

Outlook file corruption takes place due to following reasons:

  • Improper Outlook upgradation: Sometimes, while upgrading Outlook from lower edition to higher edition, if any interruption like sudden system shutdown takes place due to severe power breakdown, then process becomes incomplete. When power resumes, you would try to access Outlook, but it displays error messages like “Cannot start Outlook, cannot open Outlook”.
  • Oversized PST file: Increase in the PST file beyond the maximum size limit can result in PST file corruption. This in turn makes all emails inaccessible.
  • Sudden termination of Outlook: You need to click on the “close” option before you exit the Outlook PST. Forceful termination of Outlook ends up with PST file corruption.

It can repair Outlook PST file damaged due to virus attack, Outlook app errors, Outlook crash, PST file header corruption, antivirus scanning, errors during PST file compacting process, etc. In all these cases, it can repair Outlook PST file and recover all your Outlook data with high precision. It is a non-destructive utility which does the PST file repair process without harming the file further. In the event, you are unaware of the PST file location, then you can use “Find PST” option which makes the tool search for the file and repair. Even it recovers Outlook attributes such as emails, email properties, RSS feeds, etc. It can make sure safe PST file repair process for users will all skill levels.

It is digitally signed, which is free from all types of threats and infections. If your Inbox repair tool (ScanPST.exe) fails to fix PST file, then it easily fixes it. You can use it to repair PST file with high encryption. This acclaimed tool can fix password protected PST file on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. This single stop solution occupies only 50 MB disk memory to get installed on your computer. Its free trial version is available to check its efficiency. This Outlook PST file fixer can repair Outlook PST file on Windows OS of all platforms. It provides two scanning options like “Normal Scan” and Smart Scan”, based on the need you have to select any one. Both novice and technical users feel compatible while making use of this software. It can provide preview of the repaired contents with the aid of Outlook style browser view.

Easiest Step to Recover Outlook Profile

Microsoft Outlook is the finest email client, which provides proficient business management. It has other elements like Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Calendars, RSS feeds, Journals and Meeting Requests to perform many functions using Outlook account. Sometimes, while managing Outlook profile, you may accidentally delete original Outlook profile and lose all inbox subfolder, contacts and vital emails. In such case, even after opening Outlook data file, if you get information about new profile, then do not get appointed because you are at correct place to search for excellent software to recover Outlook profile.

In fact, no one wants to delete Outlook profile but sometimes, he / she forced to do that or else he / she may accidentally click on “Delete” button. Here is good news for you to overcome this type of terrible situation. Nowadays, with the assistance of many tools, you can restore whole Outlook profile which you might have erased in any scenario. This can be performed by means of Remo Repair Outlook (PST) tool, which can help you to restore Outlook profile in couple of minutes.

Outlook profile gets deleted due to following scenarios:

  • Intentional deletion: Sometimes, after creating new Outlook profile, you think that you have taken backup of previous profile and delete the old profile.
  • Outlook app crash: While editing or sending mails, if Outlook application crashes due to unexpected reasons then there is possibility that Outlook profile gets erased.
  • Outlook upgradation: After finishing upgrading process of Outlook edition, then it starts importing .pst file to the new file. If the PST file gets damaged due to any compatibility issue meanwhile you may lose Outlook elements.
  • Unintended deletion: Accidentally emptying Deleted Items folder without validating important mails and other elements.
  • Other scenarios like Outlook data file corruption, oversized PST file, compacting the PST file, virus infection, etc. can result in deletion of Outlook mails and other attributes.

It does not matter how you delete or lose your Outlook profile but in all these cases, use this tool to perform Outlook profile recovery on its all editions like Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Furthermore, it can retrieve Outlook elements like Appointments, Meeting requests, Tasks, Journals and Calendars. It just scans your computer and recovers deleted or lost Outlook profile. If the Outlook is damaged due to sharing PST file over network and PST file header corruption, then it repairs and restores your whole Outlook data. Experts called it as read-only tool, which simply extracts and recovers the Outlook profile but never damages any of Outlook data.

It works well on all available Windows edition such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8 with ease. It comes with simple user interface, which in turn ensures smooth recovery of Outlook profile. You can employ this ideal utility even if the PST file password protected and highly encrypted. It can recover MS Outlook deleted files and folders with ease. It successfully repairs Outlook PST file that cannot be fixed by means of Outlook Inbox repair tool known as “scanpst.exe”. It is user-friendly in nature because it is used by both professional and novices users across the globe. It is certified by technical experts and suggested as best Outlook profile recovery software in the world.

Some important tips to users:

Always have updated antivirus tool installed on your system to remove harmful viruses

Backup your PST file regularly to avoid critical data loss

Try to exit Microsoft Outlook in proper manner

Close the MS Outlook before you try to fix it

Ensure whether your PST file does not exceed its size limit

Always check and delete unwanted emails from Inbox and “Deleted Items” folder in MS Outlook on regular basis.

Simple Steps to Speed up your Computer

Are you sure that you’re getting the very best performance out of your PC? Your PCs typically slow down as it becomes older and older, since, new applications are installed and used. Slower PCs would be so stressful and lead to delayed tasks. One of the main reasons for slower PCs is shortage of memory for the OS to run efficiently. Whether using word processing, spreadsheets, internet, games or anything else, hard drives fill with temporary files that do not always get removed when no longer needed. in order to speed up your computer, you will have to remove all such useless data and increase the storage space.

Reasons that lead to slower PC

There are many reasons that could make your PC run slow, here are some of the important and commonly encountered reasons leading to slower PCS:

  • Internet browser junk: Whenever you open a web page, the detail of the page will be saved by your browser to ease access to that page in future. As and when you browse over internet, more and more information will be saved in internet cache, browser history as cookies.
  • Temporary files: As and when you open a new file or install an application, the details regarding the applications will be saved as temp files. Even though the files or applications are deleted, these files might not be deleted they still exist on the system.
  • Registry Errors: Occurrence of registry errors while worki8ng on your PC indicates the corrupt registry. This in turn reduces the PC speed.
  • Fragmentation: Fragmentation is a process in which a file will be divided and scattered all over the hard drive where ever the space is available. Due to this, the access time to fetch a single file increases in turn decreasing the PC speed.

These are just few reasons that lead to lowered PC performance. I know now you will be worried and thinking as how to speed up my PC, isn’t it? However, there is no need to worry, your can boost your PC speed with few simple clicks that too freely.

Solution to boost PC speed

Don’t get tensed, just stay calm!! You can easily fix your slow PCs and increase its performance with the help of Remo MORE suite that could effortlessly increase your PC speed. The tool removes all the junk data from your system and provides more space for the OS to run efficiently.

  • Removes all offline junk data including temp files, document history, program junk and many more
  • Capable of erasing the browser history, internet cache, cookies and other temporary internet files
  • Increases the storage space of a PC by removing all junk data
  • Incorporates tread-only mode, so that your previous data will not be harmed or damaged while cleaning eh junk
  • Can even defrag your PC hard drive and fix the registry errors efficiently

Thus, Remo MORE has been specifically designed to fix your slow PCs and boost its speed. In addition the tool has a user-friendly GUI to facilitate easy and comfortable process. it provides a step-wise instructions to increase the PC speed.

Steps to speed up your PC

  • Download and install Remo MORE on your PC
  • Once you run the software, it starts scanning your entire PC
  • After completion a list of all the errors and junk files that need to be erased will be listed
  • Now, hit on the “Fix Issues” option and the software will fix alt eh issues
  • After completion provides a report listing all the issues that are fixed

Clear Cache ie8

Recently I upgrade my PC from Windows vista to Windows 7. It takes quite a time for me to learn about. Somehow I got some knowledge through internet but I don’t know how to clear cache files in IE8. I want it because my internet explorer is too slow and freaking out sometimes. Because of this problem I am unable to utilize the internet completely.       

“ie8” This is what the internet explorer 8 browsers called commonly when it was released in the year 2006. When compared with its predecessors this internet explorer 8 browser are very advanced inbuilt features. For example this internet explorer 8 browser provides a special option to the browser in the name of private browsing to the users. These private browsing option does not keep any traces of the user surfed data. Another one of the advancement is it has a more and more stabilized performance than its predecessors like IE 7 and 6. Its advantage itself turned against it as one of the major drawback of all times. Whenever a user surfs for information in the internet explorer 8 the web elements that are required are downloaded and saved in the PC locally.

Why cache files need to be cleared?

These cache files may sometimes owe highly confidential information such as banking credentials, passwords etc. When the private browsing option was introduced the access to cache files is totally blocked. So that the none of the users can gain access to the cached data at any cost. These cache files created by the internet explorer are a major burden to the computer performance. It also increases the systems payloads resulting in lot of performance related issues. So these cache files have to be cleared now and then. Windows versions prior to 7 provides clearing cache option to the user by using the run command box but it’s totally worn out in Windows 7. To clear cache ie8 we need defined software that could pass through the blocks and at the same time the application must be safe enough to work with. Remo MORE is one of such application offering cache clearing facility in all Windows operating system.

Installing and using the Remo MORE application is not a big issue. Even a naïve user can get expertise just by visualizing it. Before touching the Remo MORE product the chief advantage of the application is provided below.

  • 24×7 customer support facility
  • Digitally signed and free from all kind of vulnerability threats
  • Sophisticated mechanism to clear cache files that are inaccessible through manual methods
  • Simple mouse clicking mechanism is enough clear ie8 cache
  • The user can visualize the cache clearance and performance in real time.

Procedure to clear cache in Internet explorer 8:

  • Download the software by following the hyperlink from the above
  • After successful installation of Remo MORE tool choose optimize option in the main screen
  • From the next upcoming windows choose privacy cleaner and clean browser junk
  • In the next window choose internet explorer option on the left screen and cache option on the right screen
  • Hit clean and start clearing the cache files of Internet explorer 8 within minutes
  • After successful clearance a message with detailed report will be displayed and the click Finish to complete and exit

Efficient Software to Convert OST to PST Outlook 2007

Microsoft Outlook 2007 is awesome software, enabling the user to do variety of tasks like email sending, note making etc. These features are same in all the versions of Microsoft Outlook apart from some of the visual changes which come out from version to version. But, one of the key changes which demand the need of external software is the different formats supportable in different versions of Outlook.

Now, consider this. In my office there are two computers, one is of old model and other one is newer. Older one supports Microsoft Office 2003 having .OST format and the newer one with .PST format in 2007 Outlook version. I usually used to work in newer version of Outlook, since the newer computer was already occupied; I had to work in older model. So, I created a file in older version Outlook and sent it to the newer computer. But, this file was not readable because the sent file was in .OST format while the newer computer, supported only .PST format. I wanted the file back because I had to forward the file to an important client. In such an occasion the need of software which can change the format was of prime importance. At that moment one of the chief advisors suggested the usage of popular file convertor called Remo Convert OST to PST.

I tried using this software and immediately got fascinated by the ease with which files can be converted from older .OST to .PST Outlook 2007. Some of the top reasons which lead to the conversion of formats are mentioned below.

OST File Damage: One of the most common scenarios which demands .OST to .PST file conversion is due to the file damage. The main reason behind this is the virus attack which can come via internet or from virus infected external drives connected to the computer. If virus enters a computer, then the .OST file may get directly corrupted by the virus.

Deleting old profile: If the user has deleted older profile, then the OST files will become unreadable and it will be best to convert the file from one version to the newer format like .PST in order to make it readable.

The scenarios mentioned above are few, but is frequent for Outlook users. In order to get out of such trouble use software like Remo Convert OST to PST.

This software is widely acclaimed and does its job of file conversion from OST to PST in Outlook 2007 much efficiently. The code developed for this software is robust and ensures that the software in practical usage is virus free. Remo Convert OST to PST was developed by top recovery experts and runs smoothly without any glitches. Even if the file size to be converted is large, it hardly takes few seconds of duration to convert the .OST file to .PST file. It allows user to convert all the older attributes of Outlook like notes, calendar, email, tasks etc. to newer .PST file attributes in Outlook 2007. This software is compatible with all the versions of Microsoft Outlook like 2003, 2007, 2010 etc.

Some of the precautionary measures avoiding Outlook files from getting corrupted are explained below: Use antivirus with internet security, so that it remains updated periodically with new kind of virus internet and take necessary action to prevent it from entering the computer and harm the Outlook files from getting damaged.

Simply the Best Software to Repair Outlook Archive PST

Microsoft Outlook can be a very important application for those people who often receive or send emails. In Outlook, the archive folder contains old emails. A user employing Outlook may not find old email important at a particular time, but at a later time, the same email which is stored in the archive, may be of utmost importance. Now, if the user tries to have a look at the email stored in archive and finds out that the file is corrupted, then, it will become unsatisfactory for the user. So, what will be the stand of the user in such a situation, if the user is unaware about the solution, then no need to get your brains uprooted because one of the prime software available in the market to repair the corrupt PST archive that is Remo Repair.

Remo Repair is highly versatile software made to repair Outlook Archive PST in a perfect manner. Some of the possible reasons which results in Archive PST getting corrupted is briefed below.

Third Party usage: Third party applications are very important to user because it can enhance the computer in a number of ways like speed of operation, variety of use etc. If the user is using un trusted application then it can create menace by corrupting PST files from Outlook. This is a severe disadvantage of un trusted application.

File oversize: Outlook tool is limited by the amount of data it can hold. For Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007, file size is 20 GB; and for Outlook 2010 and 2013 it is 50 GB. If the user tries to open archive PST file from 2010 which is of 50 GB size in Outlook 2003, then the file will get corrupted due to the file size limitation in Outlook 2003 and the user will no longer be able to view it.

Power failure: Sometimes, the user will be trying to view a outlook file stored in archive. At that moment of time if the power goes off, then the archive file may get corrupted, leaving the user in a state of confusion.

Virus attack: Just like diseases are unpredictable, in the same way viruses are also unpredictable corrupting the archive .PST file. At this moment of time it is important to state that virus makes an entry into the computer via internet or from external memory devices.

If you have faced above-mentioned problems then you would require installing dependable repair software, one of which is Remo Repair.

Remo Repair is magical software, which hardly takes few minutes of duration to repair the corrupted Outlook archive PST email and attributes. This software is made with great care to repair the corrupted attributes without any error. This software utilizes very efficient algorithms keeping in mind the speed which the files should be repaired. It is possible to repair corrupted files from all versions of Microsoft Outlook like Outlook 2003, 2010 etc. Using this software user need not worry about the safety of the computer, because it is virus free. Even the password protected PST archives can be repaired with great ease.

From above discussion, it is clear that PST archives are vulnerable to get corrupted. So, applying some precautionary measures is a wisdom full act. Always use trusted third party applications, trustworthiness of an application can always be checked from internet and user reviews. Thus, Outlook archives can be avoided from getting corrupted. Use UPS along with computer to ensure avoidance of Outlook PST archive from getting corrupted by proper exit of Outlook application in times of power loss, because UPS will provide crucial few minutes after power loss to make proper exit.

Perfect Software to Repair Outlook Express

A year back one of my friends bought a computer and installed with all the essential software. Only question, which he put across me, was ‘what’s the difference between Outlook Express and its older counterpart’. Well, a more general answer for this question would be ‘Outlook Express is more leaned towards non-corporate users’. Today, he asked ‘do you know how to repair Outlook Express.’ For the past one year, he had used Outlook Express extensively and had received many important emails related to his business, and has many email contacts. Now he was not able to access any contact or view email.

Since I was an expert in computer, I advised him to go for Remo Repair software. It is one of the most highly acclaimed software by recovery experts. This software is highly ranked and has the ability to perform repair operation on corrupted Outlook Express within a brief time. Some of the reasons which eventually results to the corruption of Outlook Express are mentioned below.

Abrupt PC shutdown: Once, I had opened OE in the background to send email, but alas mistakenly I pressed mains power to off. This corrupted my OE.

Virus attack: If you are using Outlook Express and are trying to open .dbx file vigorously but still can’t open it, then, Virus can be the culprit behind this.

File system corruption: File system is important to Outlook Express since it’s the basis to access .dbx file. If it gets corrupted, you will not be able to read .dbx files.

Third party usage: Third party is meant for noble purpose, but it can turn the table and corrupt .dbx files, if it was downloaded from untrustworthy sites.

In addition to this if you have gone through any other scenarios by which the .dbx files got corrupted. Then, you can opt for this software called Remo Repair recommended by repair experts.

Here are some of the prominent features of Remo Recover.

Remo recover works great in repairing .dbx files from Outlook Express. This software is well versed by its algorithms for repairing corrupted .dbx files. It is highly capable in repairing .dbx files even if they are compressed. This software supports the repairing of all other Outlook versions like 4.5, 5.5, 6 etc. Even all Windows versions are compatible with Remo Repair software. One very important feature of this software is that the .dbx files which are to be repaired can be searched and located using this software.

Precautionary measures to avoid .dbx files getting corrupted are: Try to keep backup of your important .dbx files in any external memory like pen drive, memory card etc. Ensure in your system that firewall is activated because this will allow you to browse through only the trustworthy sites in internet, thus avoiding download of untrustworthy sites from internet. A good UPS may cost you one tenth of the price of computer, but investing money in UPS is a wise step. As it gives backup of up to thirty minutes to complete any unfinished .dbx file and save it.

Software to Repair Oversized .dbx File from Outlook Express

Ever used Microsoft Outlook Express? If yes, then you will come to know how Microsoft Outlook Express is advanced to Outlook.  The files in Outlook Express are stored in DBX format, which are different from .PST file that are used in older versions of Outlook. Just like Outlook, Outlook Express (OE) also has features like maintaining email, contact, notes etc in DBX format. Since managing these files is the business of OE, but it is not capable of repairing any damaged file due to over sizing issue. Suppose, DBX file contains important email contacts or documents and it becomes over burdened and thus crosses the file limit. In such a situation, user may experience damage of files from the OE and should opt for a repair software.

Remo Recover Outlook Express (DBX), which is in news recently for its efficient repairing of corrupted DBX files due to over sizing. This software is capable enough to repair over sized DBX files within few minutes of time. It is highly recommended by professional OE users. Now it’s time to understand scenarios due to which corruption of such files can happen.

File synchronization: One of the most outstanding features of the repair software is that synchronization of the old data can be performed with ease. This allows the user to transfer files from one version to another. But, if this synchronization takes place for large sized DBX file, then in such a situation the DBX file gets corrupted

File oversize: Sometimes data may be in the form of large data sheets of database as utilizes in companies. It can possibly happen that the size of such a DBX file is greater than 1GB. In actual the permissible limit of Outlook Express is 2 GB. So if the user extends this limit due to one of the reasons as discussed above, then file may get corrupt.

Incomplete download: Downloading a file is sometimes the basis for the use of OE and it allows the user to get files even from remote location on earth. Some times while downloading a large sized DBX file, the data pack may get over. This unfortunate act can corrupt the downloaded file and the file will not be visible to the user. Due to such an adversity DBX files may get corrupted.

If any of the above-mentioned scenarios with respect to DBX file oversize happens to the user then stop getting annoyed and go for repair software.

Remo Recover Outlook Express (DBX) is amazing in terms of its repair ability of the corrupted DBX file due to oversize and does it for a single or many files in the same Outlook Express. While compression of large sized .DBX file if corruption occurs, then using this software user can get back corrected file. As the file limit is 2 GB for OE, this software can do the repair of such files with ease. This software is very much user friendly in terms of its graphical user interface, it allows the user to repair damaged files with ease without following too many procedures. It supports all the versions of OE 4, 5, 5.5,6.

Since the complicity of file oversize in DBX file make it highly vulnerable to corruption. To avoid this corruption taking some precautionary steps would be really helpful. Use compression process to solve the problem of oversize, but do take much care not to make any interruption like power loss during compressing of the file. Always apply warning settings in your system regarding the data usage and check the amount of data available for downloading because if the user is going to download over sized file. Then, keeping updated with available data will be very much helpful in avoiding corruption of DBX file.

Recover Outlook Email Attachments

Ever used Microsoft Outlook? If yes, then the emails may matters a lot to you. An email not only just contains contents in html format but may have attachments in any of the formats used in computers. It may happen that the attachments contain files, documents or folders which are very important for you. Imagine a situation in which these email attachment gets deleted. In this situation, you may surely get into some sort of worry and will try to get back the attachments. To resolve this issue, you have to opt for good third party email recovery software to rescue important Outlook email attachments.

There are number of recovery software available in the online market. Among these applications, most trustworthy software is Remo Repair Outlook (PST) to retrieve deleted or lost Outlook email attachments. This software was developed by recovery software experts using advanced technique to recover the lost or deleted email attachments. Before proceeding to the recovery steps consider some of the email attachment deletion/lost scenarios.

Accidental deletion: When a user has lot of emails in his Outlook mail, then, he/she will try to delete unwanted mails. While performing this task user may delete some of the important emails, this kind of circumstance results in loss of email attachments.

Operating system crash: For 95% of the cases, an operating system usually crashes due to the use of third party vendors and for remaining 5% crash happens due to malfunctioning of hardware devices. It can very probably happen that the user is using Outlook and meanwhile the system gets crashed. This will be troublesome to the user because email saved in the Outlook gets deleted.

Virus attack: Virus can land in your system via wide variety of sources. It can make the entry when the user downloads the email attachments from untrustworthy sites or when the user copies virus infected file into his/her system. Viruses have unique ability to replicate among itself which makes it notorious in the world of computers. A virus infected system can corrupt the attachments in the Outlook mail which results in loss of email attachment.

Using third party utilities: Third party utility is used to optimize the system performance. But most of the users don’t know that there are side effects of these utilities too. By using untrustworthy third party utilities or due to incompatibility of the third party tool, the email attachments can get deleted.

Remo Repair Outlook (PST) takes few minutes to recover the lost email attachments from Microsoft Outlook utmost ease. It is practically effective in managing corruption related cases with PST (Personal Storage Table) attachments. It supports recovery of email attachments from the following versions of Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. It is outstanding in terms of its fast algorithm for recovery of lost email attachments. Along with the recovery of lost email attachments, it is capable of recovering folders, notes, contacts and calendar. It can recover email attachments emptied from deleted item folder or deleted from any outlook folder. Even if there is any doubt in the mind regarding the recovery of lost email attachment user can directly contact of highly skilled technical support team who are well versed with recovery of lost email attachments.

Since these attachments can have very much importance to user, precautions must be taken to avoid email attachment loss. The best advice in this context is to keep back up of email attachments. Any new email attachment should be kept in backup memory like external hard drive, pen drive, memory card or Fire wire. UPS is a must to prevent any email attachment loss in times of power loss.

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