Cost Effective Tool to Extract Emails from Corrupt PST File

Microsoft Outlook is the well-known email client, which stores all email messages and other files in a single PST file. Nowadays, it is preferred by most individuals and organizations because it allows users to receive and send emails in less duration of time. Irrespective of such features, most of the universal users are getting error messages while opening emails from PST file. If you are one among them, then no need to worry and just go through this article to know how to extract emails from corrupt PST file.

There are some situations in which you might encounter PST file corruption and lose access to both professional and personal emails. Losing access to emails is really intolerable moment for anyone and it is better to find a proper solution to get rid of this problem. Don’t panic, it is due to PST file corruption and this file gets damaged due to severe situations. In such case the question arises in your mind is how to extract emails from damaged PST file? If you don’t get solution means use Remo Repair Outlook (PST) software. While opening emails if you encounter any type of errors like “Outlook .pst cannot be found”, “not able to extract emails”, “the file .pst is not a personal folder file”, etc. then immediately use this affable utility.

Causes responsible for PST file corruption are:

Software malfunctioning: When the software starts hanging while accessing or creating emails, then PST file gets damaged and you might encounter problem while accessing emails and other

Outlook application crash: Improper installation of Outlook application or power failure while sending or receiving emails, etc. can crash Outlook. This in turn ends up with PST file corruption.

Oversized PST file: PST file has limited storage capacity for each edition of Outlook. If the data stored is stored beyond this size limit then PST file starts damaging itself and data becomes inaccessible.

Other scenarios like virus attack, improper termination of Outlook, PST file header corruption, sharing PST file over network, improper compression, etc. are accountable for PST file corruption.

This unique utility can repair password protected and compressed using any compression methods and extracts emails at your fingertips. It has the power to recover emails, notes, tasks, meeting requests, appointments, contacts, etc. from corrupt PST file on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. In case Inbox repair tool fails to fix damaged PST file, then without any fear employ this targeted software. It provides two options “Normal scan” and “Smart scan” for scanning MS Outlook and fixes broken PST file to extract emails.

You can even make use of this application to recover emails messages emptied from deleted items folder or deleted from any other Outlook folder. This versatile program can recover Outlook emails in their real plain text, message body, RTF and HTML formats. It is virus free and consumes very less amount of space on your hard disk to get installed. Demo edition of this product allows you to preview the recovered emails after completion of repair process. It will perform emails recovery from corrupt PST file on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc.

Safety guidelines:

Before turning off computer, close your Outlook application

Update antivirus tool regularly

Don’t import previous edition of Outlook with new edition of Outlook without taking backup

Repair Outlook 2010 PST File

Recently I was unable to access my Outlook 2010 application due to which I have lost very essential mails, notes, contacts and other attributes. However, it is very essential to fix this issue as soon as possible for me. Hence, anyone of you knows the solution to resolve this issue in simple steps then please explain in detail. Thanks in advance….

It’s a very frustrating thing to lose access to your mails in Outlook application 2010 but no user no need to worry; since this can be easily resolved with few tips and tricks. Fisrt thing you need to update the Outlook application if any files are corrupted and secondly, check whether PST file is corrupted or not. In case PST file has been corrupted then make use of built-in tool called SCANPST which is provided in al Outlook application to fix any minor corruption in Outlook application. This ScanPST tool repairs your PST file only when it is not severely corrupted otherwise it could not fix the issue.

Even though ScanPST tool fails to fix corrupt PST file then you must get assistance from third party application like Remo Repair Outlook that can easily scans PST file very thoroughly and fixes issues raised in it to restore all Outlook attributes stored in it. As Outlook application stores all its Outlook attributes in folder, such as mails, contacts, notes, RSS feeds, nick names, rules, settings, etc.

Remo Repair Outook application is specially designed to repair corrupted, damaged and inaccessible PST file that is created on various versions of Outlook application. Besides, it restores all Outlook data from PST file without damaging your system and keeps your data intact since application is fully free from virus and malware threats.

List of causes behind PST file corruption

  • Virus attacks: Threats are one of the main causes behind PST file corruption. When you Google infected sites, downloading infected files and sharing files from infected devices, etc all these activities makes virus threats to get into your PC and corrupts your Outlook PST file. Finally, ends in inaccessible Outlook PST file.
  • PST file size: Every version of Outlook PST application has its pre defined particular size point of confinement. Assume your PST file size surpasses its utmost characterized by Outlook application then PST file gradually begins ruining itself.
  • User mistakes: Exiting Outlook application unexpectedly despite the fact that PST file is being used which leads to PST file corruption.

Suppose if your Outlook 2010 PST file is corrupted due to any of above mentioned reasons and you are searching for solution to repair corrupt PST file Outlook 2010 then no need to worry, because with the utilization of Remo Repair Outlook application only you can successfully repair and recover all lost data from it.

Uses of Remo Repair Outlook application

  • Supports various versions of Outlook application such as Outlook 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007, etc
  • Safely and securely repair damaged, corrupted and inaccessible PST file
  • Gives free tech support to assist you in repairing and restoring outlook data
  • Allows users to save restored PST file data to any storage device

Best Software to Recover Deleted Emails from OST File

Rules of data deletion applies to all forms of data whether it is audio, video, application, document or emails from OST files used in Microsoft Outlook application. As we know deleting any of the files sends it to deleted items folder. This is more commonly known as soft deletion. But what if user deletes those files from deleted folder also, in such a case deletion is not merely soft deletion but can also be termed as hard deletion. In such a situation if you have deleted emails from OST file, then that data is no more accessible to user. Again, reminding those users who would have hard deleted OST files; this can turn to be unfruitful because the deleted data may contain tons of information regarding client based contact, business deals or important notice based messages. An active Microsoft Outlook application user would never like to get such data deleted from computer. So, how to recover such offline stored emails from computer in an active mode like PST. The answer lies in the usage of convert software which transforms OST to PST data.

It is up to the user to make right selection for deleted emails from OST to be recovered. Now, suppose user makes use of unreliable software in computer to get emails recovered; a mere installation of software in computer can lead to severe corruption of other associated files in computer too. A better way to check the reliability of any software is to watch for user based comments, feedbacks and ratings. If such parameters are in favor of software, then do consider making use of such software. Remo Convert OST to PST is popular software which is a good scorer in all such parameters.

Remo Convert OST to PST tool brags of features which makes it appropriate choice for file conversion from OST to PST. This software utilizes top algorithm and robust for recovering emails from ost file in an error free manner. Software supports recovery of items like emails, notes and reminder from OST file. Apart from this there are other reasons too which make this software an appropriate accomplice in you computer; these are file preview and save recovery session. Remo Convert OST to PST is compatible for recovery of data from Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010. Graphical user interface used in the software is commendable and makes beginner user understand the way of recovery in quick time. Apart from this software can also be used to convert a very large sized OST to PST file in reasonable time.

OST file can get deleted due to reasons other than accidental deletion too. User would be interested to transfer files, if user has initiated the transfer process and meanwhile interrupts the transfer process; then deletion of files is a must. Virus attack is another notorious reason for emails getting deleted from OST file. Using software like the one mentioned above can help user to get out of the shackles of file deletion.

How to Take Backup of Outlook 2010 PST

In the recent past I came across a horrifying data loss situation. Thousands of email that were stored in my Outlook 2010 account got lost due to hack performed by unknown identity. Lost PST files included items like email, notes, reminder and contacts. All this data heavily supported my personal business. I discussed the issue with one of my client having more affluent knowledge in technical era. First he mentioned various data loss conditions and then explained about what actually I should have performed to get back data within short instant of time. He mentioned that user should use top backup software like Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate. He explained that how this software can be highly helpful to get access to lost data by accessing the backed up data by the software. Here is how I personally backed up my Outlook 2010 PST data.

I downloaded software in computer and launched it in computer. Clicked on “Backup” and then choose appropriate option out of “Backup Create/Manager Profile” and “Create a new back up profile”. After this I clicked on option called “Schedule Backup” and “Enable Scheduler”. Wait for few minutes for backup process top get completed. Once this process gets over user should login again to get access to backup content. This can be performed by clicking on “use an existing backup profile” under option called “Backup Create/Manager profile”. Now, user can access to back up data content post data loss scenario.

Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate becomes essential software at times when PST file is most required. Software can be used for backup of pst file in outlook 2010 from all older and newer version of Windows operating system. Software is easy to use; this fact is proved by the simple and illustrious graphical user interface used in it. Remo Outlook Backup and Migrate is compatible with Outlook 2003, 2010, 2007 etc. It can be used to backup PST data of all major forms like email, notes, reminder and contacts. Software provides facility to perform scheduled back up of data. Software is even helpful to backup complete Outlook profile. Other regular feature of this software is migration; this feature helps to migrate Outlook profile from one computer to another.

Outlook application is vulnerable to various scenarios which can be annoying at times. Outlook tool demands good internet connection which is sometimes not available to all the users and this essentially leads to large influx of data loss scenario. It mainly happens due to sudden internet disconnection leading to PST file corruption. Moreover, gruesome cases like virus attack can lead to complete profile damage or a single PST file loss. Sudden closure of Outlook application is another leading cause of Outlook PST file getting corrupted, this can happen involuntarily due to power loss or due to user committed close of application. Incompatibility of Outlook profile is an another situation faced by Outlook users who tend to use file from newer version tool in newer version Outlook tool.


Ideal Software to Repair Archive PST File Outlook 2010

MS Outlook 2010 comes with new features and abilities to assist you to stay connected with colleagues, friends, business partners, etc. With the assistance of this business email management application, one can manage his / her time and information. It is not only used as an email application, it also contains a calendar, task manager, note taking, web browsing, journal, contact manager, etc. All these information are stored in a PST file. However, if any corruption to this file takes place, then you will not able to access Microsoft Outlook 2010.

Due to such high importance of this PST file, you may need to take some precautionary measures to avoid it from getting damage. One such precaution is to archive the PST file in order to make the archive restorable whenever a PST file gets corrupted. Hence, you can repair archive PST file in case of any corruption issues. But before taking a brief look at PST archive fixing process, let us know what archive is and why it is necessary? Archive is an inbuilt tool which is available in Microsoft Outlook 2010 which allows you to take backup of your PST file and other elements. When an archive is done in Outlook 2010 later it moves the files to archive location assigned by MS Outlook 2010.

The main advantages of this process are, it reduces the PST file size as a result of move process done by archive and in case of PST file corruption this archive helps to recover the data back. In case, if both your PST file and archive file have been corrupted means you cannot able to restore the PST file. In such case, you need the proper and esteemed software to fix corrupted archive PST file. Therefore, without wasting your valuable time you are suggested to employ Remo Repair Outlook (PST) tool. It can repair Outlook 2010 archive PST along with OST file without any difficulty.

Scenarios in which archive PST file gets damaged:

Virus invasion: If an archive PST file is severely attacked by harmful virus or threats then this attack result in archive PST file and leads to inaccessibility of Outlook 2010 profile along with loss of entire archive file.

Software up-gradation: Upgrading MS Outlook from one edition to another improperly or any interruption during up-gradation process result in archive PST file corruption and damages the file.

Outlook 2010 crash: Application malfunction or Outlook 2010 crash as a result of unidentified errors might ends up with archive PST file corruption.

Moreover, archive PST file gets damaged due to other scenarios like power failure while accessing the file, sharing over multiple networks, oversized PST file, incomplete archive operation, improper restore using archive files, etc.

In all these cases, use this tool to recover the PST file back. It even works fine to repair a PST file when the archive is stored in .pst file format. It will perform Outlook 2010 archive PST file repair process on Windows based machines. In contrast, it is used to recover emails deleted from Outlook 2010. Additionally, it can fix bad PST file which is protected with password. This product does not need more space to install it on your computer hard disk. It is free from viruses and even works well to fix archive PST file created by Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2013.

Important tips:

Maintain updated antivirus tool in a system to protect your PST from viruses

Without having systematic knowledge on how to do up-gradation, do not try to perform software up-gradation because it results in PST file corruption

Tool to Repair Outlook Data File

Outlook is comes under line of major email client application which is being used by business people, corporate people, etc. This application allows user to manage their emails, notes, RSS feds, calendar events, tasks, contacts, etc. Outlook stores all these information in a separate folder called PST – Personal Storage Table. However, this folder created on your system when you install Outlook application.  This folder stores all Outlook attributes data in separate file with extensions. Moreover, you can access your Outlook data even though internet connection is not there but in order to receive and send emails you mush should have internet connection.

However, sometimes users unable to access this Outlook PST file due to various reasons in turn users unable to access outlook application too results in loss of Outlook data. In such situation, you can make use of ScanPST.exe built-in tool that has capable to fix minor issues in Outlook PST file and even recovers deleted data. Suppose if your PST file has been corrupted very severely then this ScanPST tool does not work and instead of repairing, it starts corrupting PST file still more.

In that course of time, it is better to get assistance from third party application like Remo Repair Outlook that can easily fix inaccessible Outlook data file and makes easy accessible to your Outlook data in few steps. It also recovers deleted or lost notes, emails, RSS feeds, calendar items, tasks, settings, from Outlook data file. In addition, it supports fixing and recovery of PST file on various versions of Windows OS such as Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc.

List of reasons behind PST file corruption

  • Virus attacks: These are one of the major causes behind PST file corruption. When you browse infected sites, downloading infected data and sharing data from others etc all these actions makes virus threats to enter your system and corrupts your PST file. Finally, results in inaccessible Outlook data file.
  • PST file size: Every version of Outlook PST application has its own size limit. Suppose your PST file size exceeds its limit defined by Outlook application then file slowly starts corrupting itself.
  • User mistakes: Exiting Outlook application abruptly even though PST file is in use which results in PST file corruption.
  • Interruption: While moving or sharing PST files, if any kind of interruption occurs such as slow internet connection, unsecure network, etc. can lead to PST file corruption

Here I have mentioned few reasons but you can notice much more behind PST file corruption, includes OS crash, hard drive failure, improper Outlook up gradation,  software conflicts, PST file header corruption, using unreliable third party tools in system, etc. But whatever might be reasons behind PST file corruption that can be easily fixed with the use of this advanced Remo Repair Outlook application in a couple of minutes.

Advantages of Remo Repair Outlook application

  • Supports various versions of Outlook application such as Outlook 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007, etc
  • It safely and securely fix corrupted, damaged PST file
  • Provide free tech support to assist you in fixing and recovering process
  • Allows users to store recovered file to any storage device

Best Way to Fix Sync Issues Outlook 2010

Outlook application is an exclusive tool developed to handle emails and perform office related tasks with great ease. Now, there are various scenarios which sometimes appear to be inconvenient for even the expert users. Consider a user who wants to change the Outlook application from an older to newer version. In such case of transfer if user faces any issue, then it should be sorted out using software. First let’s consider a basic issue which revolves around synchronization. Suppose a user has initiated the update of application, but when user tries to access the same application in another computer; then the files are not visible. How is this possible? In actual possibilities are many, suppose while updating the OS there is sudden power failure. This sudden failure in power can directly ruin PST data and user will require tool to repair Outlook data. There is brilliant software available in internet market. One of the most popular among these in recent times is Remo Outlook Repair; a very proficient software for the needy.
PST files can get corrupted as a result syncing issues. In all such cases Remo Repair Outlook comes at rescue. User would have commanded for sync in Microsoft Outlook application in a computer having harmful files called virus. Now, while the sync operation in still in progress; i.e. while the contacts, calendars, contacts are loaded in the newer Outlook application; then in such a case there is cent percent chances that Outlook files will get damaged. More directly usage of unreliable Outlook application directly damages the Outlook application files. Other common cases are sudden close of Outlook application out of accident or abrupt shut down of Windows computer. In all such issues praise Remo Repair Outlook for immediate repair of all files stored in the same application.
Remo Repair Outlook tool is preferred over other software to fix sync issues outlook 2010 and is reputed to perform perfect repair PST files every single time with perfection. This software hardly takes minutes of time to repair small sized Outlook PST file. User will find this software useful in fixing PST files from all possible backgrounds like contacts, calendar, email, reminders and even complete profiles. Graphical user interface used is very attractive enough to help the user love to use it more often. Software identifies the damaged part of PST file and mends it using powerful coding and algorithm used in it. This software is compatible with Outlook 2007, 2003 and 2010. It is also compatible with most of the versions of Windows operating system like Windows 2003, XP, 7 and Windows 8.
Some of the basic precautionary measures helpful for Outlook users are: Use secondary power source like uninterrupted power supply along with compute to avoid situations involving sudden power loss. Always use antivirus software to repel the virus programs away from computer, hence PST files in computer can also stay safe and damage free. Use only authentic third party application to avoid any possibility of PST file corruption.

Better Utility to Repair Outlook Express DBX File

Outlook Express can store emails with DBX file extension with maximum size limit of 2GB. All types of users feel comfortable while using this app to handle their emails. Users can store its attributes with .dbx file extension such as inbox.dbx, sent items.dbx, drafts.dbx, etc. However, the DBX file also gets damaged due to known or unknown reasons. Since DBX file has every info of Outlook Express if any harm to this file takes place, then it ends up with inaccessibility of OE.

Most of the times you might be using Outlook Express but sometimes it may not read or open folders. Due to this, you lose access to vital emails so, your business communication gets affected. The basic reason for this is the incompatibility issues i.e. the existing Outlook Express version might not be well-matched with the DBX version which you got from installed Windows Operating System. Do not worry, you can repair DBX file by means of Remo recover Outlook Express utility.  It will fix Outlook Express DBX file of various OE editions such as 4, 5, 5.5 and 6. In case you are from non-technical background and facing problems while accessing DBX file then use this tool to fix only that specific damaged DBX file.

Reasons behind Outlook Express DBX file corruption:

Improper usage of Outlook Express: Make practice best usage of Outlook Express app because improper termination of OE can result in DBX file corruption. Additionally, do not turnoff computer when OE is running.

Virus infection: DBX file gets affected due to virus or malicious infections. Normally, these viruses enter your computer when you browse internet in the absence of antivirus tool, sharing virus attacked files and connecting infected storage devices to computer. Later on, they immediately start damaging DBX and other files.

Oversized DBX file: Outlook Express DBX has size limit of 2GB. When it exceeds its storage capacity, then it starts automatically damaging itself and ends up with data loss.

Other causes: Abrupt system shutdown, repeatedly converting OE edition, Outlook Express crash, etc.

Whatever be a cause for DBX file corruption which can be effortlessly repaired with the aid of Remo Recover Outlook Express with utmost ease. Its simple user interface can assist all users to navigate it effortlessly.  You can use it to repair severely damaged DBX files and restore lost emails from it without loss of any precision. It scans your whole damaged DBX file and extracts your full data from it, then fixes and stores it in a fresh healthy file. It recovers emails in its appropriate format and holds all its settings after recovery.

Users of Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 7 and 8 can feel comfortable while making use of this preeminent software. It can keep DBX file undamaged due to its read-only feature. It is free from virus or malware or threats and requires less disk space for its installation. It can help you to search exact location of your DBX file and has the potential to recover entire header of email. This high quality app comes with a preview option so that users can understand what they are doing. Suppose in case you come to know that you fail to open Outlook Express as a result of DBX file corruption, then do not attempt to open it repeatedly because your DBX file may get damage severely.

Tips to remember:

Never interrupt while Outlook Express is updating

Use effective antivirus tool in your computer

Make good usage of Outlook Express app

Unable to Open Outlook Email

Received very important Outlook mail from client and unable to open it. Such situations always give headache and user needs to find novel ways to make the highly anticipated email to get opened in a readable manner. All the worries of such users end right here because the damaged Outlook email can get opened with the third party application called Remo Repair Outlook. This software is the trending application to make damaged Outlook emails get opened in rapid fast manner. Start opening corrupted emails right now by following the below mentioned basic steps.

Launch Remo Repair Outlook application in your computer and select option named find PST file. Locate your PST file in drive and initiate the software to get the outlook email get repaired. Now, save your files in chosen location. All these steps are few basic steps of repair and can give back to you, the PST file in error free in nature. If user is confused about the reliability of this software, then it should be noted that the rating of this software is quite high and moreover the related ratings and feedback are also worth satisfying to owe the software.

Remo Repair Outlook is capable of extracting all details of unable to open outlook email file and present in the original format as it was created. It can perform repair of all other forms of PST files in Outlook application. Some of the PST files are notes, reminder, email, contacts, calendar and even a damaged profile can get fixed from this software. All basic versions of Microsoft Outlook application versions are supported by this software like Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and others. It is compatible with all versions of Windows application as well. Repaired files can be stored anywhere in computer for future use. GUI used is simple and helps the beginner users to understand the steps to repair files in fast manner.

Microsoft Outlook PST files can get damaged if the internet connection is weak. Consider, user starts the transfer of a large sized PST file to another profile. But, due to weak internet connection, the transfer process gets terminated without the file getting transferred completely. Such scenarios should be ignored by the usage of faster internet connection or by avoiding receiving or transferring PST file while the connection is weak. Moreover accessing same PST file in multiple profiles may lead to corruption of Outlook PST file. Other common reasons are due to virus infection, damaging the most precious PST files from Outlook application making it non responding or damaged. Moreover providing inappropriate credentials to Outlook application can also result in damage of PST file. So, the next time user logs into Outlook platform, user will not be able to view the file. If such scenarios are ever faced by user, do remember to make use of third party application called Remo Repair Outlook. Additionally usage of antivirus software is highly preferred to avoid unnatural and sudden corruption of PST files.

Ideal Software to Recover Lost Windows 8 Partitions

Last month I upgraded my Windows OS. The new operating system was working quite fine and I was in a notion that the new OS will bring prosperity in work. So the following month it was required to partition of hard drive. But during partitioning in my Windows 8 PC it was found out that the partitioning was not carried out in the way as it was desired. So, during the course of partitioning the drive again the computer got abruptly shut down, this action corrupted the partition and the data within got lost. I consulted some of the top technicians in the associated field and I got guidance that recovery of lost partition can be made by using top recovery software like Remo Recover Windows (Pro). This software not only performs recovery in the apt manner but also provides other features which helps user to recover lost or deleted data from Windows computer.

Remo Recover Windows (Pro) is one of the best software developed so far for lost windows 8 partition recovery. This software is capable of performing recovery after format or reformats in very rapid manner. The coding and algorithm used in this software performs corruption free recovery of partition. Recovery of data of various file types like FAT 32, FAT5 16, NTFS, NTFS 5 is possible using this software. Options like file preview help in individual recovery of lost files from Windows computer. Moreover, GUI used in the software is advanced enough to make event he most basic users understand the recovery process in rapid manner. Easy to use and fast to recover large sized partition is what this software provides to user. Software supports Windows 7, 8, XP and other version of Windows OS.

Windows 8 computer affords partition of drive in number of sectors and each one storing large number of data. User should be acquainted with the fact that Windows systems are not virus free and usage of antivirus is recommended to avoid corruption of partition and eventually the data loss. If this has also ever happened to you, then do remember that recovery is possible using above mentioned software. Apart from this accidental format of partition is also a common cause for making partition lost. Other reason is the usage of unreliable third party application. Usage of such applications for mending partition can make the partition to go lost completely without giving any notification to user. As a preventive measure, user should consider maintaining proper backup of partition data in different storage mediums like external drive, computer, pen drives or memory cards.

Using the software and recovering lost partition is very simple. It can be started by downloading the software in Windows software. Launch the software after installation. Choose “Recover Partitions/Drives” and then select “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”. Click “Next” to initiate the recovery process and meanwhile use options like save recovery session.

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